Dany Laferriere meets her readers

Here are the answers written by his hand. Or rather her hands.

Your relationship with book fairs?

I have been attending Book Fairs with great interest for some time now. I love meeting readers because I consider myself a reader first. Also, I prefer a reader to talk to me about his reading than to talk to me about my books. I feel more comfortable in conversation. Otherwise, we are talking about a book. [le mien] that the reader has not yet read.

In addition, I also appreciate the conversations I have with my fellow writers in nearby cafes or hotel lobby after the Salon closes. From time to time we want to talk about our writing problems with people who know the situation.

And finally I like to return to the crime scene to circulate in a familiar environment, to see the same members of the organization team.

The book that is currently on your nightstand?

I think with more than 30 books around me. I read many books for different literary prizes, including those of the Academy. The beauty of the Academy Awards is that there are enough of them, more than 60, for you to search every which way through the season’s fruit basket.

I’m reading an exciting history book by Christian Baechler The betrayal of the German elites [650 pages] who tries to understand why this people obsessed with democracy, freedom, the arts could produce such monsters. not just a few stars of crime, but an elite that has fallen into horror.

“On the Road with Bashō” is the most recent illustrated novel by Dany Laferrière, published by Boréal.

Photo: Boreal

I also read a beautiful book about one of my favorite writers, although I rarely talk about him. [Valery Larbaud, cosmopolite des lettres? ]800 pages of tight writing to paint a full-length portrait of this rich amateur letters. Through the numerous translations of it, Larbaud has hijacked the French reader.

His taste for sophisticated things, his indifference to the gossip of the world, the fact that money has protected him so well from the filth of the world, all these have made him so indifferent to war.

I also read novels, including a nice first novel. her name was luciavivid, heartbreaking and moving.

The book you absolutely must read in life and why?

It is not a book, it is a writer: Borges.

The book that shouldn’t have been made into a movie?

If it’s a good book, you don’t need the help of the movies.

On the road of Kerouac. We want to hit the road in a book with this crazy bunch. Seeing them in the flesh can only be bad in the movies. The road suddenly becomes long.

The word you use too often?

Magnificent shedding the g.

When do you get the idea of ​​a title for a book?

At any time, years before I have written a single word. Like my first novel that was for a long time How to have sex with a black when it rains and you have nothing else to do. Exile is worth the tripI tried it on three before I found the right book.

What’s playing on your ipod/spotify/cassette/turntable?

I do not have any of that…

Dany Laferrière will be at the Salon international du livre de Québec on Thursday 7 to sunday 10 April, with several signing sessions.

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