Develop the safety culture in the company.

The protection and safety of workers is a fundamental right. The proliferation of regulations and the technological complexity of certain sectors place training at the center of responsibility and business performance.

VIVALIANS is a training and consultancy organization specialized in risk prevention for the safety of people and goods. With 5 training centers in Franceequipped with technical platforms and educational platforms, more than 114,000 hours of training for more than 30,000 apprentices trained per year, VIVALIANS is a major player in this dynamic market. The entry into the capital in December 2021 of Entrepreneur Invest reinforces this position at the service of private and public companies, and in particular in nuclear formations in full development. Meeting with Stéphane Pinto, manager of VIVALIANS.

Training in security of people and goods: restriction or opportunity?

Worker safety is at the heart of business operations. This fundamental right is constantly confronted with the rapid evolution of technologies, the specificities of certain sectors, the integration of new additions to the teams.

Through the quality of its training, VIVALIANS is committed to the mission of reducing the exposure of workers to risks and promoting the development of their skills.

Improving the “safety culture” in the company also makes it possible to reduce the criminal exposure of managers and sustain the company’s activity. An accident at work, a fault or a professional inadequacy can, of course, call into question the survival of a company subject to regulatory restrictions to carry out its activity.

Beyond any obligation, we see in the field that the mastery of good practices strengthens the confidence of the teams, well-being at work, reduces anxiety and guides the teams towards the development of the company’s activities.

12 areas of specialization at the service of your clients in a multimodal educational approach: how is training actually carried out?

VIVALIANS offers companies and individuals, through 12 areas of specialization, On the one hand, regulatory training such as gestures and postures, first aid at work, electrical clearance, fire risk, etc., and on the other hand professional training such as driving machinery (CACES), working in an asbestos environment, nuclear workers, etc. Our training is given in our training centers or at our clients’ facilities, in person, in a virtual class or through e-learning.

All these educational methods can be combined to adapt to the limitations of our clients and offer our students an experience and innovative training, effective in the development of their skills.

VIVALIANS gives an increasingly important place to virtual reality that reinforces the integration of gestures through their repetition “in situation”.

We use this technology in particular for our fire safety training with connected fire extinguishers. In addition to immersive learning, virtual reality allows, in the case of fire safety, to reduce the ecological impact since it is no longer necessary to hit the real fire extinguisher

We are developing this technology in the driving of cars, nacelles, traveling cranes and electrical dispatches.

With the advantage of having a technical platform and a school campus!

Absolutely. Our 5 centers spread throughout the territory have rooms equipped with the latest technologies for theoretical classes but also with technical platforms or school spaces to practice learning in real situations. This is an essential contribution to mastering good practices.

Driving machinery, working in an asbestos environment, electrical work, training in spaces that reproduce the installations of a nuclear power plant: VIVALIANS trains students so that they can be directly operational.

Nuclear energy, a booming sector: VIVALIANS positions itself as a challenger in the training of nuclear actors

VIVALIANS is one of the few training organizations approved by EDF to provide common training for nuclear workers., which allows operators to be authorized to work in nuclear power plants. VIVALIANS is a recognized player in this specific market with a very strong demand for these training courses.

Our training is divided into two main sectors: maintenance and radiological protection.

Our training center is located near Chinon. The dynamism of our trainers and the quality of our platform that reproduces the installations of a nuclear power plant make VIVALIANS a privileged partner for companies for the training of their employees.

This is an important growth area for VIVALIANS, we plan to open new nuclear training centers in the near future.

The entry into the capital of the management company Entrepreneur Invest signals both our desire to develop these activities, especially in the nuclear sector, and the strategic interest of SMEs in emphasizing their training policy to develop their activities. Entrepreneur Invest’s philosophy is, in fact, to support companies in their strategic choices necessary for their development. And training is at the heart of it.

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