François Cluzet explains why this film marked the beginning of his descent into hell

Tonight, France 5 is broadcasting Molotov cocktail, the second feature film by director Diane Kurys, after the cult Diabolo Mint. This film occupies a special place in François Cluzet’s filmography, because it marks the beginning of a true descent into hell.

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After counting his young years, in a very endearing way mint diabolo, with the young Eléonore Klarwein in the title role, Diane Kurys wanted to extend her autobiographical exploration, but skipping a few years. Indeed, Molotov cocktail It takes place in the spring of 1968. And if the director once again entrusts the music to the singer Yves Simon, the themes are very different. Gone are the days of first love, back to school and sneaky cigarettes. Molotov cocktail Take the funny part of counting May 68… but for the tape. In fact, the film follows the adventures of two children and a woman during the events of the famous month of May. But they largely miss him. To bring your characters to life, Diana Kurys He called three almost unknown people: Elise Caron, Philip Lebas and… François Cluzet, whose first feature film was.

a first time

become a singer, Elise Caron it’s pretty rare on screens. Philip Lebas now he is an actor and drama teacher. But François Cluzet… Is there a need to introduce him? Nominated nine times to the César, Francois Cluzet was awarded for Do not tell anyone. It has amassed critical and commercial success. But this role of Bruno, secretly in love with the partner of his best friend, will mark his life in a painful and destructive way. The actor capable of violently assaulting certain colleagues returned to these complicated memories in an interview with telerama.

the pain caught me

Returning to a difficult childhood, François Cluzet explains that these young years have “armored“.”do not suffer [lui] scared more”. does not have it”avoided on any character”. But as he later details, the pain reached him: “Because I made the devastating decision to be a hypersensitive actor, all the better for being vulnerable. Except, to become hypersensitive, you had to scratch old wounds.”. Outcome : “Thus has emerged a skinned alive, a provocative and self-destructive misanthrope”.

from my first movie

Francois Cluzet continues: “At 23, from my first movie, Molotov Cocktail, by Diane Kurys, I started complaining. Hell was already me“. And he announces what form this self-destruction had taken for him: “I started drinking. Then follow long years of alcoholism, then a redemption, with encounters that matter, like the one with Guillaume Canet, who “got him out of the trap.”

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