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Few artists know how to delight a crowd like Klô Pelgag does. His show at the MTelus on Thursday was not only entertaining, moving and masterful, it was also peppered with surprises.

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marissa groguhe

marissa groguhe

The lights of the MTelus have not yet gone out when 10 musicians take the stage. Brass, choirs, guitar, keyboards and drums. The majestic notes of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows IIThe last piece of his most recent album and presentation of the show fill the space and we instantly land in the universe that Klô Pelgag will invent for us throughout the evening.

In addition, the singer has not yet taken the stage and the applause of the public attests to all her enthusiasm. Then she does her theatrical entrance. She emerges from a giant vagina, her face made up, dressed as who knows what, with a long tail.


Klô Pelgag at the MTelus, Thursday night

He sits at the piano in the middle of the stage and launches into the yellow house, also taken from his most recent album. A magnificent song on recording, which takes on a grandiose dimension in concert. This is also usually the case during the night, when mainly pieces of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, as well as some songs from their previous albums. after the arrogance The shadow of the cypresses, heads into the packed room to ask, “How are you, 10? »

Pelgag is not one of those artists who will describe the little anecdote surrounding his creation before each song. He is very good like that. He communicates enough with the crowd, he lets the music do the rest.

All that remains is Klô and his piano to I will have long hair, another opportunity to clearly detect the accuracy of the singer-songwriter’s striking voice. His songs are complex to interpret, but he never distorts.

We change from register to Insomnia (The show will continue like this, in sawtooth, so that the atmosphere is always electrifying after a softer moment). But first, members of Klô’s team go on stage to… take his cock away.

carried by the crowd

The staging of the show is carried out by Baz Morais, who directed the film Live – The Spectral Spectacle, as well as the staging of the virtual show that he presented on the same date last year. High platforms support Pelgag’s attendants. The brass have joined the orchestra since the shows presented last summer, when he was already defending this same album.


Klô Pelgag at the MTelus, Thursday night

The giant screen at the back of the stage comes to life to For Elisa. Klô takes the time to talk to the audience a bit more about him afterwards, just before one of the tastiest moments of the evening. In “the quietest song of [s]in repertoire”, the sumptuous Sunshe lays above the crowd for the surfing crowd the slowest in the history of music. It was one of his wishes when he envisioned this oft-postponed Montreal show (the idea initially was to do it on a “Yes” poster inspired by the ones in the Yes campaign). The floor transports her slowly, she manages to sing globally in the note in spite of everything, quite a feat.

Klô Pelgag is an unconventional artist in the best sense of the word. He has that madness that makes us want so much that it is assumed and seems liberating. His art benefits from it. Thursday’s show is one of many proofs of that.

But eccentricity is only part of what makes her a standout artist. Above all, Klô Pelgag is full of talent, whether as an author (these texts!), composer or performer.

And he knows how to surround himself well. Its musicians allow the superb arrangements of this show to transport us. During The sex of the stars, we fly over the notes that rise in the MTelus enclosure. The moment is incredible.

As it is about Klô Pelgag, we expected to be surprised, since we had already attended other versions of the program of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows. But she manages to exceed expectations. The concert is not the same. The artist does not repeat herself although she maintains the same order in the songs she performs. The set design makes the difference, she remembers that the concert had been presented outdoors, at a festival, but not yet in Montreal theaters. during the dance Melamine, two bodybuilders go on stage to dance with Klô and his singers, in tiny panties. Why this unexpected intervention? Well why not? They all laughed, not really understanding, not trying to explain. That’s the way it is, in the world of Pelgag.

Later Where do you go when you sleep?, Fire, Saturday night to violencewe reached the (almost) end of the concert, with remora (perfectly chaotic ending), just before an encore to shake the floor and walls of the Rue Sainte-Catherine room. The animalslater Ferrofluids-flowers followed and a second encore allowed the artist to return to the stage alone to molten ironin piano voice, which gracefully closed this bewitching evening, as unconventional as it is formidable.

Klô Pelgag will be touring in Quebec in the coming months and back in Montreal, as part of the Mural festival, on June 10.

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