Malestroit: art at the service of patients with music therapist Claire Oppert

Claire Oppert, cellist, concert performer, music therapist, author. ©Claire Oppert ©Astrid di Crollalanza

Thanks to the Musicales de Redon, the Agustines clinic in Malestroit (Morbihan) prepares to receive a great artist. Not only does he perform all over the world, but for thirty years he has also been passionate about the effect that music can have on patients whose communication possibilities are diminished (alzheimer’s, end of life, autism…)

Palliative care and comprehensive care

The clinic cares for patients thanks to caregivers, of course, but also to psychologists, sophrologists, physiotherapists and body mediation therapists who have been given a great place.

The Clinique des Augustines, as part of its activities, has always sought to open up to the outside world to bring innovation and comfort, especially in the palliative care unit.

Catherine Mongin, General Manager of the establishment.

Esther Mirjam Griffon, a music therapist, arrives there with his harp, a smaller-than-usual instrument that patients can carry with them and strum a few notes if they wish. “It is one of the specificities of the service,” says the doctor marine mignotpalliative care unit physician.

We use the artistic and musical potential that exists in each of us for humanitarian or therapeutic purposes.

marine mignot

The music touches the essential.

It allows to relate in a different way, especially with patients suffering from dementia at the end of life or whose body is very weak. Sometimes he remobilizes certain patients until late in the accompaniment, giving them the opportunity to welcome certain emotions, to experience a moment of joy, to also recover the awareness of their body when they take the instrument in hand. “We are reopening possibilities,” says Doctor Mignot.

Henry de Solis, President of the Redon Musicals, Catherine Mongeot, General Director of the Clinic, Marine Mignot, Palliative Care Unit Physician and Anna Wallgren, Clinic Nurse and member of the Redon Musicals
Henry de Solis, Catherine Mongin, Marine Mignot and Anna Wallgren, nurse and festival member. ©Le Ploërmelais

claire oppert was innovative thanks to a study, that of the “Schubert bandage” that he carried out at the Sainte-Périne Hospital, a Parisian geriatric establishment. His work, published in 2017, focuses on the effect of music therapy in a palliative care unit during pain treatment. He will testify to the beneficial effect of live music on people hospitalized in palliative care, patients with Alzheimer’s disease, autism, as well as caregivers and families.

They demonstrated that live music (played by an instrumentalist on site) allows reduce pain and anxiety levels by up to 50% of the patient while at the same time reassuring the caregiver that they know that the care they have to do will go better.

I really want you to share your experience with the equipment, how it was set up and how we can also organize the visit of the music therapist during the treatments.

marine mignot

Renowned artist and music therapist

Claire Oppert is above all a very high level concert artist since he was trained in the 90s at the prestigious Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. She also has a degree in Philosophy and trained in art therapy to, starting in 1997, put his talent at the service of people with neurological disorders or at the end of life. Therefore, she has a maturity today, not only as an artist, but also as a music therapist.

Videos: currently on Actu

“The dialogue between music and medicine is very interesting, both for patients and for caregivers. After the Covid episodes, we felt we had a role to play. We developed this idea and received a very favorable response”, says the president of Les Musicales de Redon, Henry de Solis.

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