Olivier Norek against all odds

KRISS55, Reading Group Contributor 20 minutes Books I recommend In the mists of Capellans by Olivier Norek, published on April 7, 2022 by Éditions Michel Lafon.

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Saint-Pierre is an island of shipwrecks. I don’t know why Six hundred and thirty in two centuries. I have come to add myself to this list.

Why this book?

  • Because we found Captain Victor Coste, retired policeman for six years from the world and from men, whose return among them we will follow. Olivier Norek knows how to renew himself, leaving the Parisian suburbs to take us to the mists of the island with such mastery.
  • Because this novel traps us in the net of its script. Situations become tense, making us watch out for broken personalities.
  • ‘Cause when you think it’s over, there’s still THE twist which beautifully wraps up this thriller, offering ending after ending.

The essentials in 2 minutes

the plot An island in the Atlantic lashed by winds, fog and snow. A policeman who has been missing for six years and whose new missions are classified as secret defense. A young woman he keeps locked up and the monster that stalks them.

Characters. Captain Victor Coste. Magistrate Fleur Saint-Croix and Léa, forensic doctor. Anna Bailly, found after ten years of disappearance.

locations. Saint Pierre and Miquelon and Paris.

Time. Today and ten years ago.

The author. Olivier Norek is a French writer and screenwriter, captain of the judicial police of Seine-Saint-Denis. Between 2013 and 2016 he published three novels around the figure of a humanistic and sensitive police officer, Captain Víctor Coste. In the mists of Capelans It is the fourth in the series.

This book was read with emotions shared with us by those flayed by life who rebuild themselves by leaning on each other and taming each other.

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