the campaign film in Pays de la Loire

The day after Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, the France 3 Pays de Loire newsroom offers an overview of the presidential campaign in our region.

The Pays de la Loire was the scene of many significant meetings or events around the candidates, several regional political figures had leadership roles, and yet this campaign did not fascinate the people of the Loire.

It is reflected once again in an increase in abstention, to more than 23%. What are the reasons for this lack of democracy? Let’s review the film of these last political months in Pays de la Loire.

Screenplay: Maxime Jaglin Editing: Nathalie Tendron-Saliou Sound Mix: Eric Rosello

The film of the presidential elections in Pays de la Loire, a large format from the France 3 Pays de la Loire newsroom, can also be found in replay on the Dimanche en Politique programme.

Therefore, there will have been no jubilant scenes in the region to celebrate Emmanuel Macron’s victory. The outgoing president wins Marine Le Pen with 64.92% of the vote, but the victory has a bitter taste for activists. That of a net drop in the presidential party: 7 points less in 5 years in our region.

On the contrary, the National Rally advances accordingly. A reason for satisfaction for the executives of Marine Le Pen’s party, in a region known for its resistance to extreme right-wing ideas. Enthusiastic losers, feverish winners, the epilogue of a strange campaign.

However, it had all the ingredients to spark interest in our region. With political figures involved very early in the battle, such as Johanna Rolland (PS Mayor of Nantes), campaign manager for Anne Hidalgo, and Christelle Morançais (LR President of the Pays de la Loire region), spokesperson for Valérie Pécresse. We won’t have seen much of them on the ground.

Several important meetings in Nantes have also given prominence to the Pays de la Loire: Eric Zemmour, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Fabien Roussel and Yannick Jadot have made the city of the Dukes a highlight of their campaign.

But democratic fatigue and political disenchantment are felt. The campaign never really got off the ground, even during the middle rounds. However, the anger was heard. It feeds in particular on the divide between cities and outlying areas, resulting in a more polarized vote than ever.

On the afternoon of the second round, while the traditional political parties continue to fall apart, their eyes were already on the next meeting: the legislative elections, as a third round.

A new democratic term, which will have to learn the lessons of a half-hearted presidential election.

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