The Quiberon book festival with two successful Breton authors this weekend

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Book lovers know these successful authors, Breton by adoption or by heart: Agnès Martin Lugand and Laure Manel are in Quiberon this Saturday, April 30, and Sunday, May 1, for the Feast of the Book.

This is the eighth edition of the Book Festival in Quiberon, this weekend, April 30 and May 1, 2022. 60 authors will be present at this event organized in the Louison-Bobet space. For authors, it is an opportunity to meet their audience and have signing sessions. Among them we find the adopted Breton Laura Manuel, lives in Maine-et-Loire, but knows the Breton region well enough to have a second home there. Laure Manel is one of the authors who count in France: one million copies sold.

Brittany, inspiring

The former teacher, with a light pen, remarkably signed the novel “lobster delicacy“, whose story takes place in Brittany with François who runs an equestrian center and Elsa for those who know… Brittany, an inspiring region for the author interviewed by Dolorès Charles: “I am a great contemplative, I love Brittany, its landscapes and the sea. It rejuvenates, it revives and then it is a region full of mysteries somewhere and that is wild. For me, it is a particularly inspiring region to give a framework to my novels, even if all my novels do not take place in Brittany, in this case there is also Ardèche or Haute-Savoie, but Brittany has a good part in my novels”.

Laura Manuel

Credit: Charles Dolores

A good writer?

Laure Manel has just left”dominoes of life“published by Michel Lafon, a novel between autobiography and fiction about the second life. Aurélie is the main character.”At the beginning of the novel, she is rescued after having gone through a medical ordeal, suffered obstetric violence during her delivery, and this led to the formation of a tumor. The story mainly talks about the after illness, and this awareness that he has, once out of trouble. say what is my life? What do I want to do with it? Do I want her to continue on the path where I was? Do I want to branch out and invent a second part of life that is different from the first?”

Some call her a writer”feel good“but Laure Manel doesn’t necessarily appreciate this label:”there is always an element of optimism (in my novels) what it does that we can think that ends well, but that does not prevent addressing difficult issues even dramatic, even if I don’t want to add pathos to situations (smile).

Without a doubt, her readers will come to see her in Quiberon, encounters that are appreciated after two difficult years with the epidemic for Laure Manel. “Social networks have been able to fill this gap: when you have become accustomed to visiting your readers and receiving their reading comments, it is rare to have to do without them. To date, the main salons have resumed (Paris, Montaigu), and it is a real pleasure to find them..”

Laura Manuel

Credit: Charles Dolores

Laura Manuel

Agnès Martin-Lugand, recognized and endearing

In Quiberon, the Bretons will also be delighted to meet Agnès Martin-Lugand. La malouine has just published her tenth novel “The unreason“published by Michel Lafon. Agnès Martin-Lugand has established herself in the industry with her delicate pen. Since the release of her first novel”Happy people read and drink coffee”, la bretilienne connects literary successes, and today has more than 4 million copies sold. We wait a bit for the last Martin-Lugand, like the last Musso (Guillaume) or Lévy (Marc).

This recognition and this attachment of the readers for my novels, is what we dream and that is what we expect from one year to the next (Editor’s note: she writes a novel a year) that’s all pretty fantastic!”

Today, the one who writes in music (dedicated playlist) told Dolores Charles about the profile of her audience, which is getting younger and more masculine. “As for age, it’s very broad, I have older teenagers who start reading to me until very late, and I have more and more male readers who come to fairs and bookstore signings, and who write to me… I even have men who present my novels to your wives, the more the years go by and the less I can say that I have a strictly female audience, quite the opposite.”

Agnes Martin-Lugand

Credit: Charles Dolores

"Senselessness" Y "dominoes of life"

A (tenth) more intimate novel

his last bookSenselessnessDescribed as more personal and intimate, Agnès Martin-Lugand speaks of death and the madness of love: “It is the one in which my unconscious gave itself the most. I put into words my anxieties and my questions, a search for peace in the face of death. It is something that was very pregnant in the writing of “La Déraison”, it is not by chance, it is my tenth novel. It is a form of culmination of the work that I can do from year to year and in each of my novels. Each of my previous novels has allowed me to come to this different and more refined writing…even more intimate than usual.”

The award “The little words of the booksellers”

With “the cottage“, the writer had obtained the prize in 2021”Small words from the booksellers”she is now the godmother of this award (partner of the Quiberon parade). “It is an honor and a pride to be a godmother. It is an award that makes sense because the alliance of booksellers and readers because there is nothing more beautiful as an author, between the booksellers who defend your books and the readers who support them.”

Agnes Martin-Lugand

Credit: Charles Dolores

Other authors present in Morbihan, Philippe Besso, Mathias Malzieu (Dionysos), Jérôme Attal, Nicolas Carreau, Régis Wargnier, etc. Admission is free and the full program can be found on the website

The schedules, from 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 30 and from 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 1.


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