Universities: 2022 ranking of the best master’s degrees in arts, letters, languages ​​and SHS

Applied foreign language, psychology or history: there are many possibilities to take a master’s degree in the field of arts, letters, languages ​​and human and social sciences. But, which are the universities that show the best results in these subjects? L’Etudiant publishes a ranking of the best master’s degrees in arts, letters, languages ​​and SHS based on data from the Ministry of Higher Education.

Language sciences, medieval history or even anthropology: the university departments of arts, letters, languages ​​and SHS (human and social sciences) are open to very diversified teachers. In the 2020 session, 54.9% of them passed the master’s degree without repeating the year. But success is not the same everywhere. For this reason, l’Etudiant details which universities stand out in these areas using data from the Ministry of Higher Education.

The best universities to pass your master’s degree in arts, letters, languages ​​​​and SHS

Hover over the name the university to see its number of students enrolled in masters. This information is important if you are hesitating between several and the size of it is important in your choice of orientation. Reduced promotions also mean that the training offer is limited.

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Success rates of 88% for the Universities of La Rochelle and Montpellier

Head to La Rochelle to find the university with the highest success rate during the 2020 session. 88.7% of students enrolled in a master’s degree in arts, letters, languages, or SHS earned their master’s degree in two years that year. The University of Montpellier has nothing to envy in terms of success rate as it reaches a similar rate: 88%. On this criterion, these two universities widen the gap with the others since in third positionwe find the University of Nîmes and its success rate of 79.4%.

These three universities also remain in the top 3 in terms of ability to move students forward. In our table, this indicator is highlighted through “the value added for success in two years.” To understand how this indicator is calculated, we invite you to read the methodology below.

In short, the more positive the number displayed, the more the university allows more students to graduate. On the contrary, the more the figure tends to be negative, the less the establishment has allowed its students to obtain their diploma. Thus, the University of Montpellier has done better than the ministry expected since they are 31.2 points more to obtain their master’s degree in two years (88% compared to 56.8% initially estimated by the ministry). The University of La Rochelle also improves its students (+29.4 points), as does the University of Nîmes (+23.6 points).

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A pass rate in Master 2 of 71.7% in the areas of art, letters, languages ​​and SHS

71.7% of Masters of Arts, Letters, Languages ​​and SHS students will move on to Masters 2 in 2020. This is slightly below the national average for the transition to Master 2, which is 74.5%.

The universities of Nîmes and Paris-Panthéon-Assas show more than 90% pass rates in M2: show a rate of 92.9% and 92.4% respectively. These two establishments also stand out for their ability to help students move on to the second year.

Be careful, yes, since these two universities have relatively few students, and therefore offer training, in the field of arts, letters, languages ​​and SHS. These two universities have only about a hundred students.

Top 10 Colleges for Masters in Arts, Letters, Languages, and SHS

Range Name of the Institution Success rate in 2 years (in %) Added value (in points) Approval rate in M2 (in %) Added value on the approval rate in M2
one University of La Rochelle 88.7 29.4 88.6 fifteen
two University of Montpelier 88.0 31.2 79.2 8.2
3 University of Nîmes 79.4 23.6 92.9 19.6
4 University of Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines 74.8 18.9 fifty –21.1
5 University of Corsica 74.4 16.9 73.5 0.7
6 University of Le Havre Normandy 73.0 18.2 76.7 4.9
7 University of Paris 2 71.6 10.2 92.4 18.4
8 Polytechnic University of Hauts de France 70.7 13.4 39.2 –33.1
9 Gustave Eiffel University 70.3 15.4 80.4 8.7
10 University of Toulouse 1 68.9 8.0 85 10.7

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