Vendée: Berber culture at the party at the bocage

Mauricette Gautier, here in the company of the poet Ben Mohamed, is preparing a party dedicated to Berber culture. ©ACB 85

“Are you Berber? ” I askby Mauricette Gautier for philip roy. “No, I’m from Vendée,” she answered. So why this yaz symbol in her logo? Mauricette went on. “Because I am a great traveler and I am completely fascinated by the Berber culture,” Philippe explained.

From this first dialogue, two years ago, the idea of ​​a week around Berber culture was born. Mauricette Gautier is a well-known activist in the rock in you. She is, among other things, the secretary of theberber cultural association (ACB85), which wants to create bridges of tolerance and friendship between the French and the Kabyles.

Philippe Roy is a notary in Chantonnay and passionate about art. This is how, about ten years ago, he created the Chardière Saint-Jean endowment fund and put at their disposal a barn, which over the years has been transformed into a meeting and exhibition space, welcoming artists from all walks of life. life.

A party

“From April 29 to May 8 we will be able to meet, discuss, we will also have a party. There will be many exhibitions everywhere with ceramics, rugs, fabrics, photos…” Mauricette enthuses, passionately presenting the highlights that will mark these Berber days.

We start on Saturday April 30 with the discovery of the book tifirellas, which tells the story of a friendship between two children from different cultures. Its author, Christine Dumont-Leger, and her illustrator, Cassandre, will be present for a signing session.

At night, Christine Dumont-Leger, who lived in the Moroccan Atlas, will talk about the daily life of the women of the Amazigh peoples and how this experience has transformed their vision of the world. That same day, through a book that she dedicated to her, love oali Y Kaced said will honor IdirKabyle music legend, passed away in May 2020.

Tifinagh’s script

sunday 1Ahem In May, Cassandre will lead children’s drawing workshops around secret signs using natural pigments from Morocco. For his part, Saadi from ACB 85 will invite passers-by to discover the Tifinagh script with the Berber alphabet.

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On Saturday May 7 there will be an evening of discussions with Hacene Metref, artistic director of Racont’art, an itinerant international festival of stories, music and street arts in kabyliabefore the group Yonnais Les P’tites Laines present their show Share from here and from other places in memory of his participation in Racont’art in 2019.

On Sunday, May 8, Ben Mohamed will close this Berber week with a poetry recital in Kabyle and French. Born in the Wilaya of Tizi Ouzou in 1944, Ben Mohamed is considered one of the greatest current Berber poets. Former producer and presenter of an Algerian radio, he is also the author of the song performed by Idir, a vava inouvawho has traveled the world.

Berber Festival, 47, rue de la Chardière Saint-Jeen, Chantonnay. Program at

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