Villeneuve-sur-Lot: Distri 40, the art of communication through objects for 10 years

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Distri 40, a company created by Marie-Catherine Garbay and established for 10 years in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, allows companies to stand out with objects of all kinds.

“Communicate through the object, to stand out better”. On its new website, Distri 40 advertises the color. The Villeneuvoise company wants to be at the service of others, providing them with support to transpose. The number attached to the company name does not echo Lot-et-Garonne, like many of its colleagues, but the story of its creator, Marie-Catherine Garbay. As a nod to her homeland, the Landes, although she has been based in Villeneuvois for many years. And it is for 10 years that she has been leading her small company with his natural dynamism. “I wanted to do something for myself and discover the world of entrepreneurship,” recalls Marie-Catherine Garbay. “It was a challenge, a challenge.” As she has traveled many sports fields in Villeneuvois, she has not lacked energy to immerse herself in the entrepreneurial adventure.

Having explored many professions, he chose to specialize in communication through objects. “Textiles, accessories, business gifts”, explains the commercial manager. The least we can say is that the spectrum is broad. From notebooks to pens, passing through cups for classic objects, Distri 40 stands out for also offering a whole range of sweets, and even household appliances. Marie-Catherine Garbay is there to contribute her point of view, her ideas. Its objective is to “give the image of the values” of the company, promoting “made in France” products as much as possible. Despite her vitality and her desire to “knock on every door”, she had to find her place in a competitive environment, even here in the Lot Valley. But it is no coincidence that, in the last 10 years, many of her clients have remained faithful to her.

Installed in the Marché gare business incubator, it also puts the collective at stake with its entrepreneurial neighbors. During the period of confinement, he took the opportunity to redesign his website as a true showcase for the Villeneuvoise company. He called to Kadran Conseil, set up a few meters from her, and to Armel Timmerman to find the right words for his activity. The result is dynamic and modern, just as the pattern wants to instill. Distri 40 is not done promoting businesses in the Lot-et-Garonne and beyond.

Distri 40, station of the market area in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Contact: 06 73 39 61 05 or

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