Your house is on fire: A sweet family rave

Driven by the words of author and actor Simon Boulerice, the latest production from the Mic-Mac theater manages to make its audience laugh and move. Feeling at home, like family, is undoubtedly the naturalness that the stay delivers.

Home sweet home my ass » is the expression that Murielle, widow and mother of a family, lets go when she goes on stage.

Played by actress Céline Gagnon, it is by a convincing Murielle that your house is burning articulates

The story is constructed in such a way that it makes you smile in this somewhat sad comedy. However, the audience is also immersed in a universal drama.

In fact, faced with dry rot infestation in her house, Murielle has no choice but to burn it to stop the spread.

A house that contains a whole range of stories and memories, including that of a missing loved one, his late wife.

Thus, in the company of his two daughters, Kim (Isabelle Valois) and Fanny (Mélanie Tremblay), as well as his sister-in-law, Agnès (France Donaldson), he will have a last meal that will turn into madness. sensory experience.

It is impossible not to feel questioned by this story that touches on his reflections on grief, attachment, family ties, secrets, the unsaid, love… In short, everything that happens behind the scenes of an ancestral home. .. and of a family.

endearing brotherhood

Featured in the work, there are several. It is in particular for a distribution Fire » that the viewer also becomes a member of the family.

The natural complicity of the actresses with each other forces us to believe in the subject and immerse ourselves in the house.

Céline Gagnon’s performance gives the character of Murielle a calm strength.

Likewise, the two sisters played by Isabelle Valois and Mélanie Tremblay soften us up by signing a performance full of freshness.

one thing is certain the party arrives at the plaza », when France Donaldson takes the stage.

His sense of comedy and his pleasure are literally contagious.

Despite some misgivings among the actresses, the game is worth coming and burning down the precious home with.

Successful bet for Arcand

Gervais Arcand, responsible for the staging, delivered a 72Y immersive production.

The use of three projection screens on the wall allows to penetrate the universe.

The images alternate depending on where in the house the action takes place. It is one of the strong points of the direction.

The direction of the actors shows that the emphasis has been placed on the comic character for our greatest pleasure.

However, some dramatic elements of the text would have deserved to go deeper in order not to forget the sadness of the passage.

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