A landfill of books and newspapers is installed in the middle of the street

In the heart of the Italian capital, the mystery literally thickens and grows. Via dei Delfini, at least six months have passed since a landfill was formed that housed only press and books. An installation that, however, arouses the curiosity of both the inhabitants and the tourists, especially since this strangeness is not far from the Capitol. Between Place Margana and Via dei Funari, the neighborhood usually smells of history, of sanctity as much as memory. That the bank is now used more for waste paper than for the lovers who kiss there, we finally tolerate it.

The sight becomes surreal, Il Tempo underlines, but not so surprising, as soon as one takes a walk around the area: garbage bags overflowing with household waste abound. At the foot of the adjacent church, Santa Caterina dei Funari, makeshift camps have grown up where the homeless have settled. And the examples multiply as the list of rudeness grows longer: plastic bags, dirty cardboard boxes, etc.

In recent years, Rome has already suffered from this abuse of trash cans, sometimes forcing locals and travelers to literally slide through the garbage. As for the appearance of this monster of paper, it is of moderate concern, even if theories abound to explain its constitution.

Postmodern sculpture for the most casual, urban information kiosk for the most disconnected. It would even be possible that these are the traces of an old store that closed, and whose new owner would have evacuated the vestiges… directly on the street. In any case, it is worth asking why the city council has not taken the necessary measures to eliminate this stock.

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Beyond the sad anecdote, the city is again facing real health risks: since mid-March, the closure of a new landfill on the outskirts has caused concern among public authorities and citizens. The risk would be to see about 200 tons of waste on the streets without collecting it. And the resolution of this issue is still a long time coming.

Waste or just one?

The history of this paper bank will recall, without causing too many smiles either, the appearance of billboards, organized by municipal services. A sign warned Roman citizens not to leave their waste in the street, and to take their bulky objects to the corresponding collection points. The image that illustrated this good word was neither more nor less… than a pile of books obviously abandoned at the foot of a building.

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The communication campaign did seek to arouse the indignation of the citizens, with a result that exceeded expectations.

The company in charge of collecting the waste had to defend itself not from considering the books cumbersome to be evacuated, but from having to reach this point of provocation. The general director, Stefano Zaaghis, then described as “uncivilized”, or primates to simplify, the inhabitants who threw the books in this way, comparing them to a broken television, a mattress out of order or an irreparable refrigerator.

Ecology through disinformation

But the icing on the cake, in this sense, will continue to be the communication campaign orchestrated by the environmental group of the city of Corato (Puglia), which invited citizens to favor sustainable products. who therefore exerciseless impact on the environment“. With this appeal to civic sense:Producing less waste is your choice.»

However, the brilliant idea of ​​illustrating the screen had been to contrast a paper book and an electronic reader. The first, with its dirty pages and boring background environment, was therefore opposed to the electronic ink based screen, on a much more ecological green background… without taking too much into account the rare and heavy metals used in the manufacturing process of these. devices.

Exciting approach!

Photo credits: Valentina Conti/Il Tempo

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