Book Publications, Comics: Bernard Werber Recounts His Life as an Ant and Other Microcosmic Books

Bernard Werber recounts his life as an ant and other microcosmic books

Bernard Weber spends his life under the microscope

Bernard Werber, 60 years old, a brilliant conversationalist to follow and beyond...
Bernard Werber, writer, journalist, lecturer, among many other lives.

Sandrine Kao, poetry perched between childhood and adulthood

Sandrine Kao excels in her flutter between disciplines, moving from children's stories to sociological essays, this French-born Taiwanese in the Vosges fascinates with her unique oblong albums.
A small tribe that looks like manga characters but exudes western familiarity.
An immense talent, very discreet in the shade of the blooming lotuses.

Nick Hornby translates Brexit into a love story

Nick Hornby's new title dates back to the breakdown of Brexit.

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