Ecology children’s book: our selection of books to make children aware of ecology

Children love nature, just looking at insects in the garden is fascinating for them! Therefore, they are easy to raise awareness about ecology if you can find the right words. You can explain the usefulness of each insect and the role it plays in the cycle of life, how the bee works to make honey for example. Contact with nature is essential to explain to children how we can help conserve the environment. Plant vegetables together and encourage the child to take care of her little garden. Making children aware of protecting our earth is one thing, but it must remain a positive thing. It is clear that children will have a role to play in growth for the planet, but the burden of responsibility must not fall on them. little shoulders! Beyond the great speeches, do not forget that a child learns by imitation, so he starts by setting an example!

Did you know that some children suffer from solastalgia or eco-anxiety? They are anguish linked to fear of the future of the planet. Therefore, it is better to avoid talking about the big problems that are a bit vague and quite difficult to understand with the small ones, rather to present small gestures accessible to all to help save our planet and its limited resources! Natural disasters, you’ll hear about them (and maybe even see pictures). Talk to him but without going into too much detail and giving a fairly reassuring speech. Emphasize that there are many people who will make a chain of solidarity by working together to help those affected by floods, fires, tornadoes…

Simple gestures to learn about ecology and accessible to teach!

We don’t waste food! You can cook homemade dishes with the kids, which are not only better but require less packaging to throw away! Also look for ways to cook leftovers in an appetizing way.

No water is wasted either! We don’t let the tap run for 10 minutes to wash our hands or teeth, drinking water is a luxury that many families in the world don’t have!

We don’t leave the light on when we leave the room. And the child is never too young to learn to sort waste!

The barter! We no longer throw away good toys that children no longer play with, we organize a “trade party” where children can trade (during this time parents can exchange their children’s good but too small clothes).

The role of books in raising children’s awareness of ecology

Children love books, it is a great way to spark their interest in everything and convey important messages. Here’s our selection of books to give your mini eco-warriors ideas…

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