European Capital of Culture: the Odyssey Bastia-Corsica 2028

Bastia’s candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture has entered its second phase. To be one of the four finalist cities, Bastia has invited cultural actors from the island to a new workshop around La Fabrique du projet

It is not the Champions League, but the beginning is close. More than ten cities are candidates for the title of European Capital of Culture by 2028. Next January, only four will remain to qualify for this title. The city of Bastia, which has extended its candidacy to the entire territory, believes in its possibilities and it is not the mayor, Pierre Savelli, who will say otherwise. This Thursday morning, he was in Ira de Bastia to present this meeting day dedicated to the candidacy and taking as a model the Project Factory that was held in Corte, Sartène and Bastia last December. ” Since then, we have taken a step forward, confirms the mayor. It is no longer an adventure but a true odyssey: thank you all for participating. As the audience applauds him, he jokes: We will congratulate each other next January when the results are announced! More seriously, every meeting, every action you take is already a victory. Your presence and commitment confirm our chances of success. »

David against Goliath

Opposite Pierre Savelli, the amphitheater brings together professionals from the world of art and culture from all over the island. They responded to the invitation of Pierre Lungheretti and Muriel Peretti, recently appointed General Commissioner and Project Director of the association that is running this bid. After fieldwork that allowed them to meet many cultural actors on the island, the duo relaunched the idea of ​​Project Factory, a true laboratory of ideas. ” This first session is intended to be operational immediately, says the Commissioner General. We are looking for specific projects that should feed the application. We have divided it into five phases that will run until the summer. »

Entitled “Living beings: natural heritage, environment and artistic creation”, this first meeting is directed by Fabien Danesi, director of Frac Corse. ” I have a PowerPoint and a white shirt, but I’m not going to lecture you! “, begins the latter to relax the atmosphere before continuing: “ Bastia-Corsica 2028 is an opportunity for the entire island to reinvent itself and chart a new path, far from the opposition between tradition and modernity, between urban center and rurality. While developing his arguments and his thought, Fabien Danesi, looking to the future, insists on this idea of ​​novelty. ” This candidacy will be stronger when it is able to offer a new narrative. Although we start from us, from you. The approach can only be collaborative”, insists the director of the Frac. Always very dynamic in his presentation, he points out the strengths of this candidacy: long-term development of the project, the importance of young people or even the size of the territory. ” Bastia is a smaller city than Amiens or Clermont-Ferrand but, given the latest cities to become European capitals, it is an opportunity. Here we are like David facing Goliath “, He insists.

external looks

Pierre Lungheretti, general commissioner of Bastia-Corsica 2028, expects concrete projects.  -Rafael Poletti

After recalling the fundamentals, explaining the challenges of this candidacy, the strong points and the strategy to apply, Fabien Danesi also proposes lines of work on which the audience can reflect and discuss. She underlines, for example, the central place of Corsica in the Mediterranean, a true strategic geographical crossroads predestined for exchanges between Europe and the Mare Nostrum, but also the role of the inhabitants and the need for art in their territory. He does not forget the role of the natural heritage nor the necessary implication of an ecological logic. Speakers include Sam Stourdzé, director of the Académie de France à Rome-Villa Médicis, Laure Colliex, director of Manifesto and Antoine Viviani, president of the fabbrica culturale Providenza. The three of them in videoconference, their exterior look is welcome and contrasts with a withdrawal in oneself that can harm the project. In the audience, some also speak. The interventions, very appropriate, contribute their stone to the building, invent collaborations, consider their relevance and viability. Others, on the other hand, are content to present their manifestation. This is unfortunately the stumbling block of this type of meeting. This feeling, already shared during the December workshops, does not tarnish the good humor of the speaker of the day. Fabien Danesi recalls that “ to write this new history, we must absolutely use the existing one. Thus, as the mayor said in the introduction, this adventure will become an odyssey! ” He insists : ” I don’t want to block the spirit of initiative. but it is up to us to better understand the actions to be implemented. Fetishizing the past can sometimes block progress. Pierre Lungheretti is on the same wavelength: We will strengthen what already exists but we will also make new proposals. We have, with Muriel and all partners – the City, the Cab, the community and the university – planned a structured action program to be implemented at the beginning of the school year. The Bastia-Corsica 2028 heading appears to maintain its cruising speed. The engines of this candidacy look in the same direction but above all with the same desire: to make culture a lever for Corsica and the Corsicans. Next stopover in May.

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