Is Downton Abbey 2 the best movie of the week? – Movie News

To help you choose, here are the 3 films of the week best valued by the press and viewers on AlloCiné!*


1st: Hit the Road – 3.9/5

“Visually stunning, shot in grandiose landscapes, this road movie thrills and awes in the intelligence and originality with which it tackles the painful subject of exile.” By Stephanie Belpeche (The Sunday Journal)

“In s’affirmant comme un jeu, une serie de performances pour la camera, le film arouses des sentiments flamboyants. Dans les passages musicalaux, les personnages transcendent leur rôle pour mimer le chant d’un ou d’une autre et se transformer par the dance.” By Olivia Cooper-Hadjian (Cahiers du Cinéma)

2nd tie: My Afghan family – 3.7/5

“Michaela Pavlatova directs a remarkable animated film about a young woman who, out of love, chooses to settle in Afghanistan. The filmmaker modestly honors a young woman’s struggle against libertarian traditions.” By Olivier De Bruyn (Les Echos)

“Two worlds collide in this light, serious, funny, unexpected, strong movie. Drama? Comedy? Let’s just call it a drama, that’s all.” By Francois Forestier (L’Obs)

2nd tie: Ghost Song – 3.7/5

“Ghost Song is much more than a documentary. It is an immersive and fascinating cinematic experience where the colors and sounds of the images tell the story of the desire for freedom.” By Laurent Cambon (

Bourgeois and outcasts but few winners, ghosts and a certain energy of despair make up this hauntingly beautiful song about a world on the brink of a precipice. By Jacques Morice (Telerama)


1st: The Collini case – 4.1/5

“Remarkably constructed, L’Affaire Collini is fascinating to watch, with the added bonus, which spoils nothing, of very high quality lighting and photography that we owe to Pole Jakub Bejnarowicz.” by speed

“A captivating and moving film. The visuals are breathtakingly beautiful and the actors play their parts brilliantly. A film I will never forget, certainly one of the best I have ever seen!” By Violet R.

2nd: Downton Abbey II: A New Age – 3.8/5

“Humor is very present in this successful adaptation, as well as emotion. The confrontation between the British and the French, during the former’s stay on the Riviera, is a delight”. by sydney

“A pure delight. What a joy to meet them all despite some quickly outdated shots! Sublime set and costumes, of course.” by sydney

3rd: hit the road – 3.6/5

“The actors are all perfect with a special mention for the little boy who looks like he came out of ‘Zazie dans le métro,’ extreme close-up poetry and full of trifles that make a great movie.” By Bart Samson

“It’s a beautiful feature debut that recounts the road movie of an Iranian family making a mysterious exodus by car through magnificent landscapes markedly enhanced.” By Coric Bernard

* According to the AlloCiné barometer ratings, as of Friday, April 29, 2022, for films released in theaters on Wednesday, April 27, with at least 10 reviews for the best press and 50 ratings for the best viewers. These two tops do not include films already released once or several times in France.

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