Mélenchon calls on his left partners to get out of the “culture of defeat”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon calls this Saturday at the JDD for the leftist parties with which he has entered into negotiations for an agreement in the legislative elections to get out of “the permanent culture of defeat”, lamenting that “they allow themselves to be absorbed by their internal problems “.

Bilateral negotiations led by LFI -dominant to the left with 22% of Mr Mélenchon on April 10- with EELV, PS, PCF and NPA, all below 5%, have experienced successive accelerations and blockages for 10 days.

The deadline set by the protagonists, on Sunday, is approaching.

“We offer them a battle to win. It’s unifying, isn’t it? They have to come out of defeat” and “assume the will to win”, exclaims Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the Journal du dimanche.

He laments: “For some of our partners, winning is a pipe dream. They have a permanent culture of defeat. So they allow themselves to be absorbed by internal issues.”

Thus, “the proximity of the EELV congress and its internal form of organization complicate the task. We participate in meetings where they debate among themselves, instead of agreeing with us”, laments the tribune.

It also refers, in a hollow way, to the suspension of negotiations by the PS, where certain elected officials and a minority current denigrate the search for an agreement with LFI, a historical antagonist.

“In the same way, there is a gap between what the communist delegation tells us and what Fabien Roussel says,” says Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

He agrees that “it is not an agreement like any other: it is an agreement on a strategy, on a program and a collective mode of operation. It is not an electoral mush”.

He says he is “optimistic”: “I think we will find an agreement. We would like this to be resolved tomorrow (Sunday). At the moment everything floats, everything moves. I take it easy.”

However, he “warns”: “People will not accept that victory be stolen twice by those who refuse to build this new majority. The Popular Union has gathered twice as many voters as all the other components of the left, and five times more than each of them”.

Mélenchon calls on his left partners to get out of the "culture of defeat"

However, he assures that “everyone has a group in the National Assembly.” “What else? Sore losers will be judged harshly,” she warns.

The nominating convention for the Popular Union candidates will take place on May 7.


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