nancy The music of Rougge and the images of Vincent Munier in harmony in Poirel

The voice is very masculine but it could well be the song that the sirens sound. The music that we imagine resonating on the surface of the canopy as well. Disturbing and light, the melody of the pianist and composer of Nancy Rougge seems to rise from the depths of the sea but is also airy and enveloping.

When he goes up to the Vandoeuvre town hall where the musician has been rehearsing for a few months with the harmony orchestra, it makes him want to dim the lights. In rehearsal, the images of the photographer and director of the Vosges Vincent Munier recently ceased for his documentary “The Snow” will be grandiose, moving and exalted this Saturday May 7th in the Poirel room. Panther.

The evening is presented as a cinema-concert but it is not really about that. “Everything was designed more as a dialogue than as a soundtrack”, describes the interpreter. “Images and music respond to each other more than they accompany each other. The photos are by Vincent Munier but the editing is by Rougge. The adventurer gave him carte blanche to choose and assemble the photos. The two artists are not their first collaboration. Among them, trust, respect and admiration are reciprocal. To accompany the images brought from the Arctic, the adventurer had chosen Rougge’s original music without even knowing the artist.

sound power

The meeting had opened the musician’s eyes a little about the beauty of nature to which he is now more receptive and sensitive. And what is sensitive in it translates into melodies on which the song that unfolds does not need words to make sense.

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On the other hand, the sound power of the brass and percussion instruments of a concert band, the composer needed to recover that of nature, whose “immensity and fragility” he also wanted to convey.

“Obviously this required adaptations,” says Arnaud George, director of Harmony in Vandoeuvre, who didn’t have to think long to commit his 75 instrumentalists to Rougge’s project without even knowing the artist.

“I found the challenge interesting to take on for a group like ours, it was an opportunity to make ourselves heard in an unusual register for which we appeal more naturally to symphonic groups. » A technical experience for the performers, sensory for their listeners, and emotional for the ensemble.

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