Walk in the sun with Manif d’art between real illusions

Until April 24, 2022, Manif d’art offers free guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays to discover eight works of public art. Time for a quiet spring walk in pleasant company, we appreciate the work of artists from here and elsewhere, who bring an unusual touch to the fabric of the city.

At the Place d’Armes, the friendly mediator guide from Manif d’art awaits your group at 10:30 am. Visitors arrive, identify themselves and introduce themselves. First of all, we recall the theme of this 10th Quebec Biennale: illusions are real. After a second year of the pandemic, on a beautiful sunny morning, the invitation to openly accept the incongruous, the unusual, without explaining it, is welcome.

The first job is at the mount point. Its appearance blends with the lampposts that surround the Château Frontenac. against the race by artist Alicja Kwade reminds us of days gone by when, without smartphones or watches, we relied on public clocks to find our time markers. A nod to our current relationship with time.

Conspiracies and disputes

The guide then directs us to the House of Literature, co-distributor of Manif d’art. This is an opportunity to briefly discuss the exceptional history and architecture of this building. Inside, we immerse ourselves in the CONSPIRATES GALORE (excerpts from MANIF X) by the artist and poet Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf. His textual installation that “rearranges reality” is notably inspired by recent events.

The next stop is at the Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site, near the Redoute Dauphine. revealed to our eyes Before the eye (antoillier), a sculpture by Cannupa Hanska Luger that reproduces on a large scale an element of a symbolic animal. The Standing Rock Nation artist, who lives in the United States, conveys a critique of colonialism and capitalism. It is with the collaboration of the Wendake community that his concept was adjusted to the cultural context of Quebec.

Manif d’art hunts the last snow

Just before the Porte Saint-Jean, we meet The shovel of spring, a sound sculpture by Jean-Pierre Gauthier. This interactive installation, whose cranks turn, invites you to drive away the last traces of winter. The call of spring makes the device sing, developed in collaboration with the center for audio and electronic art artists Avatar.

Across the Porte, on the Place d’Youville, the exhibition panels feature four artists with very different approaches and styles. There is a work by well-known Quebec artist Annie Baillargeon along with those by Nicolas Baier and Vikky Alexander.

On the wall of the Diamant building, on the rue des Glacis side, Meander by Caroline Cloutier offers a subtle reflection on our mental space. Guided by Manif d’art, we had fun zooming in and out of the photographic installation that merges with the reliefs of the building, to appreciate it from different perspectives.

A foray into the invisible

The penultimate stop is at Passage Olympia. It takes a moment to distinguish the work of Jeannette Andrews, who is actually… invisible. Also a magician, the artist played the game of sleight of hand.

Their Invisible Museum of Sound Waves however, it offers another hidden work: a geolocated sound installation. You can access it from your smartphone, thanks to a QR code. Beyond the guided tour, we are taken to the Berthelot park and the courtyard of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church.


The guided tour ends with a descent to the Méduse cooperative. In the Manif d’art window, you can see the installation Untitled (Cube, Cylinder, Pyramid) by the artist Roula Partheniou. But, what secret hides their everyday objects –bottles, glasses, preserves, sweets…– apparently ordinary?

The arrival time at Méduse coincides with the opening of the galleries of the different centers run by artists. These loyal collaborators of the Biennale de Québec are ready to welcome visitors.

Free guided tours of Manif d’art depart at 10:30am from Place d’Armes, opposite the Dufferin terrace, on Saturdays and Sundays until April 24. They are open to everyone. Even the little ones can enjoy a stroll in the stroller while their parents discover the work of the artists on the tour.

You can reserve your place on the Manif d’art website

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