Sanctioned, the cultural assistant replaced

The atmosphere was not especially good during the municipal council on April 13. Although the opposition groups did not participate in the vote, the elected representatives of the majority declared themselves, at the beginning of the session, in favor of the dismissal of Chantal Lorio as deputy mayor for culture and heritage. The voting, by secret ballot, obtained 15 votes in favor, one against and eight abstentions. The mayor of the EELV, Lionel Wastl, justifies this deliberation by a loss of confidence in his elected official.

“When the mayor delegates his powers to the deputy mayors, he must have full confidence in his deputy mayors. This confidence is no longer there, that is clear”, says the councilor during the municipal council meeting. A few days later, the city councilor told La Gaceta that this loss of confidence was due to Chantal Lorio’s criticism of the mayor against the opposition. He also accuses him of revealing information to them that is mentioned in meetings between the elected representatives of the majority.

” [Le problème] is [qu’elle a] he spoke to the opposition about elements that posed problems within the majority, he argues. There were stormy meetings like in any majority and she talked about it. She also criticized me with the opposition. It’s not possible, so I gave it a warning in November, which didn’t help. I took my responsibilities and I took my courage in both hands because I have known her for a long time and I said to myself: “Here, we must make all elected officials understand that there is a course of action to take and a duty of reserve that I did not have.” »

EELV mayor Lionel Wastl (right) says he no longer trusts his deputy for culture and heritage, Chantal Lorio (left). The latter believes that the councilor is based on “fragile and unproven speculations.”

“Mr. Mayor, you legitimize your decision by invoking a loss of confidence that, for my part, is based on fragile and unproven speculations,” says Chantal Lorio at the municipal council. I would have said this, evoked that, I would have been seen arguing with people from the opposition, sayings that are ultimately just a pretext to shamelessly exchange pawns and finally get rid of me! Contacted by La Gazette, the elected official did not want to talk more about her eviction and the warning that the councilor would have given her.

In the municipal council, Chantal Lorio remarkably evokes the tense relations with the municipality and the mayor. “For my part, I have been living in a conflict situation for more than a year. Voluntarily, it has allowed the differences between people to escalate, creating a deleterious environment within the majority,” she told the mayor, lamenting in particular not having been consulted about holding events such as Sculptures on the Island.

“I did not voluntarily exclude Chantal Lorio,” replies the mayor, insisting especially on holding mediation meetings to calm the tensions between her and other elected officials. According to our information, there were indeed conflictive relations between the deputy and the municipal councilor responsible for cultural innovation, Virginie Saint-Marcoux. The latter was elected by majority to succeed Chantal Lorio in office.

Article photo credits: Screenshot / Facebook Village of Andrésy

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