Stings: there is no psychosis but “vigilance and benevolence” in Art Rock – Bretagne

Like many other festivals in France, Art Rock, on June 3, 4 and 5 in Saint-Brieuc, observes the for now inexplicable phenomenon of “spiking”, which seems to be spreading in France, after reaching peaks, including the media Communication. – last year in the UK. To the point of having led, at the end of 2021, to the meeting of a British parliamentary commission on the subject.

“Spiking” refers to cases of stings reported by a mostly young public, both men and women, in a festive environment (bars, discos, festivals, etc.). “Cases” sometimes followed by denunciations, as recently in the context of the Printemps de Bourges or the Insolent festival in Lanester.

“It’s really very, very curious”

“Obviously we take this phenomenon seriously. Like everything related to security, ”says the director of Art Rock, Carol Meyer. Although he acknowledges the “puzzling” nature of the matter: “At the moment, we have case reports, of course, but no identified culprit, no apparent motive, no proven toxicants, and a non-specific target population… It’s really very, very curious.”

Our position is to follow this objectively and with the necessary distance to avoid any psychosis.

However, in Saint-Brieuc, the issue is on the table. “We talk. Among us, at an organizational level. But also with the authorities”, he specifies. And either with the prefectural office, with which the festival is in permanent contact, or with the departmental director of public security. would have ensured a similar “surveillance”, even in the absence of reported cases in Côtes-d’Armor. “Our position is to follow this objectively and with the necessary distance to avoid any psychosis”, continues Carol Meyer. , for the festival, of a “muscular” prevention and security system.

“You have to report everything! »

For several years, all staff, for example, have been trained. “We have a very precise protocol for the attention of the victims, directly and immediately, with Civil Protection, which accompanies us”, explains the director.

Art Rock, again this year, there are also more than 100 security guards, about fifty lifeguards and searches at the entrance. “And beyond a bite, any aggression, touching or discrimination must be reported! Both within the festival and in the events that surround it, such as in the bars”, he claims.

There is no miracle solution, then. Only the need, perhaps a little more than usual, to pay attention to the other. “But we know our audience well. And we know that he will be able to be vigilant and benevolent at the same time,” smiles Carol Meyer.

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