Two migrants flee after a robbery gone wrong

Franck “LeLectorSuricate”, blogger and new member of the reading group 20 minutes Books I recommend still alive by Nicolas Leclerc, published on April 1, 2022 by Éditions du Seuil.

Your favorite quote:

“Aïssatou discovers that her life can be tinged with hope and pleasure, that darkness and terror are not fatalities, that she is not constrained by any destiny”

Why this book?

  • Because it looks like a road trip but it is much more than that. Under cover of a race through France, Nicolas Leclerc introduces in it the search for himself, freedom and a microcosm of characters, some of whom will have to know each other to survive.
  • Because the camera stopped in the car occupies only half of the novel, the other half is dedicated to the treatment of social issues (such as the issue of immigrants, for example) with an intensity that grabs you and moves you in all directions. Everything perfectly dosed, without going into voyeurism.
  • Because it is as if Nicolas Leclerc had assimilated the best of what I like in the middle of the francophone thriller. The realism of a novel by Olivier Norek that immerses you in its story, a situation that can happen to anyone with human characters as Barbara Abel knows how to do, and a shocking emotion that Karine Giébel only makes me feel, not angry for being one. just a spectator.
  • ‘Cause the end still haunts me and yes the snow blanket left me a mixed review, still alive knocked me out I can hardly believe that he is the same man behind both stories, as his style and pacing just made it into this one. still alive is the definition of a thoughtful, successful and more than entertaining page turner for a good reading moment.

The essentials in 2 minutes

the plot Aïssatou and Sékou, two young Guinean emigrants go to England. After a robbery gone wrong, they embark on a race across France, taking François and Hélène, a couple from Nice, hostage.

Characters. Aïssatou and Sékou, two immigrants whose only goal is to reach England. François and Hélène, a couple from Nice with a perfect appearance, but who hide gray areas.

locations. A car, the scene of a real confrontation between four characters willing to do anything to survive. Africa, and wherever the wind blows Aïssatou and Sékou. France, where every road can mean the end of the journey.

Time. A story that takes place today, with some flashbacks to understand how we got to this situation.

The author. Nicolas Leclerc, Jurassic who studied cinema. Currently the author of three novels (The Snow Coat, The Caged Beast and Forever Alive). He currently works for television.

This book was read with short of breath. The impression that everything can quickly turn around. An anger that growls at the fact of being only a spectator. A good dose of shock once you turn the last page.

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