Culture, entrepreneurship among young people / Patrick Achi at FEMUA: “We will do everything possible so that our young people have the desire to undertake”

The Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast, Patrick Achi, communicated with the participants in the 14Y edition of the Anoumabo Urban Music Festival (FEMUA). Sponsor of this edition, the head of government addressed festival attendees on the night of Saturday, May 14, 2022 during concerts organized at the National Institute for Youth and Sports (INJS).

Patrick Achi did not fail to underline the important place that youth occupies in the action of the Ivorian government. “Young people make up a large segment here in Côte d’Ivoire, 77% of Ivorians are under 35 years old and tomorrow they will embody this new Côte d’Ivoire that we are building today with the president. Youth is the absolute priority for us and for the President of the Republic who guides us. We will do everything possible so that our young people have the desire to be entrepreneurial, determined and innovative because in this way they will bring their energy, talent, creativity and key skills to the labor market”, declared the Ivorian Prime Minister.

In the presence of Ministers Kandia Camara, Mamadou Touré, Jean-Luc Assi, Françoise Remarck and the President of COP 15, Alain-Richard Donwahi, the Head of Government assured that the Ivorian State intends to contribute to making culture a link strength of the country’s development. “The government is fully committed to ensuring that culture and the creative industry are a strategic economic player tomorrow, creating tens of thousands of jobs. We will also have to dare, stressed Patrick Achi, to have confidence in our national heritage, in the ability of our cultural industry to restructure itself, develop and shine on all continents”.

Before the Prime Minister, it was Asalfo, vocal leader of the Sistema Mágico group and General Commissioner of FEMUA, who took the floor to greet the government’s actions in favor of the artistic world. “The Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire has granted status to the Ivorian artist, the Prime Minister through his policy today has been able to allow all those who invest in the cultural and creative industries to have hope. This year, with the Ministry of Youth and Professional Insertion, they have put 100 million CFA francs to support young people in their initiatives in cultural and creative companies”, said the singer Zouglou.

This edition of FEMUA has as its motto “entrepreneurship and youth employability”. The invited country is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which was represented by its Minister of Tourism, Modero Nsimba.

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