meeting with Michel Fugain, who is celebrating his 80th birthday




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V.Gaget A.Tribouart, R.Gardeux, G.Liaboeuf, R.Laurentin – France 2

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Thursday, May 12, Michael Fugain celebrated his 80th birthday. The France Télévisions crews met him, at the theater. coil from Paris.

80, that seems like a great date to me (…) for the moment, I find that the results are quite positive”assures the singer Michel Fugain. A beautiful story, La Fête, the artist’s successes shook many French. However, the singer does not say he is proud, but rather satisfied. His favorite title, The Red Cloth, a song taken up again in the demonstrations. The proles chose it, boys who fought for their dignity (…) it is my way of marching with them “assures Michel Fugain.

The artist confesses. I sing like I’m going to die tomorrow. I love like I’m going to die tomorrow“. The singer, who says ne “believing in nothing but man“, he takes out an icon from his bag, entrusted to him by his wife, Romanian and Orthodox. There are everywhere in my house, but hey, I love it and I suffer. This happens to me, he tells me it will bring you luck“, he laughs.

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