Gers: Julie Gayet will be the godmother of the first Fleurance film festival

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The actress will chair the jury for this first edition, which will take place in parallel to the astronomy festival from August 7 to 12, under the slogan “Science to Society Transitions”.

Fleurance will have its film festival, from August 7 to 12, with Julie Gayet as president of the jury for this “scoop”. And once again, we find the indefatigable Bruno Monflier, already at the origin of the astronomy festival, in the maneuver. “There was a film series at the astronomy festival, but they were film screenings, says Bruno Monflier. There’s a competition there, the Fleurance Film Festival! »

The director of the astronomy festival has the skills of Quentin Lazzarotto, who was in charge of the film cycle, but also director, organizer of the film festival and audiovisual manager of the Poincarré Institute in Paris. “We also work with the Grand Angle cinema in Fleurance. This film festival goes out of the usual framework with its theme: “Transitions in science and society”. However, it is not about proposing a demonstration of more or less dry documentaries. “We want to reach the general public, confesses Bruno Monflier. Like “Don’t look up”, for example, or “Doctor Strangelove”. The shortest duration is also 52 minutes to avoid short films. »

Fifty movies to choose from

The selection is made on the basis of online movie repositories. Some fifty works will be selected and viewed by science students, especially astronomy students. “You will remember six, projected during the astronomy festival. For this 1st edition, two prizes will be awarded: the festival prize and the Azar Khalatbari prize, a highly prestigious scientific journalist.

A difficult task, the composition of the jury brings together scientists, including icons such as Jean-Marc Levy-Leblond, under the aegis of Julie Gayet. The participation of the “Quai d’Orsay” actress is not entirely a surprise. “Julie Gayet has already come to the festival with her children, and her family owns a house not far from here, near Lectoure, confesses Bruno Monflier. And in addition, some people who work in the astronomy festival have worked with her in other events, such as the Utopiales de Nantes. Contacted, Julie Gayet said she did right away.

Movies are currently being received. The screening will run throughout the month of June and the list of finalists will be published on June 30 on the astronomy festival website (

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