Hang’Art finalist in call for projects, awaits funding to open new restaurants

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The Hang’Art has managed to climb to the last stage of the call for projects to the joy of Badoit. He has the support of the public to win the envelope of almost 30,000 euros promised to the winner. A sum that would allow the charity restaurant Agenais to export its unique model to the four corners of the department, and who knows, to other places in France.

With its 100,000 euro scholarship to be shared among the three winners, the Badoit foundation wants to show its support for “socially committed bars and restaurants”. A framework in which Hang’Art fits 100% with its unique solidarity model. Inaugurated 4 years ago, the establishment stands out for its anti-waste approach, its inclusion component and its participatory management. A model that its founder, Elodie Sauvage-Férezin, is very proud of. “I like our team”, she kindly says as an introduction to the video that the Loopsider medium came to make at the Hang’Art facilities.

This video is a privilege reserved for finalists. They were 40, now they are only 5 and to make a difference, Elodie Sauvage-Férezin had to defend her model with big names in gastronomy. “We had a video interview with chef Pierre Gagnaire and Chloé, former Top Chef candidate!” says the latter.

Tomorrow, several Hang’Art?

Facing the jury, the entrepreneur also had to present what the financing would be used for in case of winning and there is no lack of ideas in this regard. In fact, the Hang’Art would like to open other solidarity restaurants in the Lot-et-Garonne department. “We are in the process of writing our spin-off strategy for the development of a social and supportive franchise”, explains Elodie Sauvage-Férézin.

Hang’Art’s DNA would be there, with a strong visual identity, a socioeconomic model and strong values. To help you in your project, the Hang’Art will benefit from the help of a work-study master’s student at the Sud Management school and from public funds (department and region). In addition, the local authorities have already made known their desire to host a solidarity restaurant and help it establish itself. “We have tracks in Néracais, Villeneuvois, Marmandais and the community of municipalities of the Confluent”, announces the founder of the places.

But to function, in addition to funds, Hang’Art will have to find local labor, a challenge in the current context… “Currently I have great chefs, a very inspired and inspiring team, but it is difficult to find people like them that is ready to get involved. We have to beg for people to come,” says Elodie Sauvage-Férezin, who recounts an interview conducted for the Hang’Art bus in which the candidate knew nothing about the concept and found himself asking the questions. ..

If she wins the call for projects, Hang’Art will have 24 months to use the money, a blessing for the charitable restaurant, but for that she has to win and everyone can help her. In fact, one of the three winners will be chosen directly by the public, the other two by the jury. So be careful!

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