Pascal Obispo on the set of Philippe Lacheau’s film, reveals images

Within 2, Philippe Lacheau wants to stick to the basics so as not to disappoint his faithful, but also to surprise and perhaps unite a new public. Among the guests of this new part we find the singer Pascal Obispo who published images of the shooting on Instagram.

The continuation under this ad

Five years after the cardboardalibi.comPhilippe Lacheau is preparing a second part of the film that exceeded one million viewers in 2017. “End of first week of 2… Huge love. How lucky I am to do this job (if you can call it that) that fascinates me so much, from writing to the movie premiere”, the actor-director posted on Instagram on May 22. Before adding: “I know that many loved And I promise you that we will do our best not to disappoint you with this sequel.” Therefore, in order not to disappoint, the filmmaker intends to surprise his fans, in particular by inviting in his film unexpected guests like Paschal Bishop.

A great complicity between Pascal Obispo and Philippe Lacheau

This Friday, June 3, the singer spent his “first day of filming in 2as announced on his Instagram account in the caption of a beautiful black and white photo where she appears next to Philippe Lacheau. A plane in which her beautiful complicity shines through. In your post, Pascal Obispo also mentions tarek boudali. Because in fact, it is with him that he spent part of the day in the back of a car, as shown in a story published by Philippe Lacheau, who wanted to thank his guest. In the stories of him, the interpreter of Lucy also poses with other members of the film crew, the famous Bande à Fifiincluding Julien Arruti.

The risk of being cut during assembly

Let us hope, however, that Pascal Obispo is not interrupted during the editing 2. On March 5, Philippe Lacheau was, like the singer, invited to the set ofWe are live on France 2. He then explained that it was cut during the editing of the film. stars 80, released in 2012. He hadn’t even been warned! A few years later, he himself realized that he was not using the scenes he had shot with Philippe Katerine for his film. despite himself superheroes that he was promoting. “I was very uncomfortable. She was asking me how I was going to tell her”, he had explained in the Laurent Ruquier broadcast. The singer and actor with “served four days”Philippe Lacheau was very embarrassed. But finally Philippe Katerine “very well taken” the news. “It’s a Boy’s Love”, he concluded. Hoping anyway that the scenario does not happen again with Pascal Obispo for 2.

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