The overflowing imagination of Jacob Vanasse

LITERATURE. Nothing is proof against Jacob Vanasse. Sitting behind his desk, pencil in hand, he creates his own universe by bringing all kinds of adventures to his characters. Since he was ten years old, the young man has been passionate about writing. After publishing two books, he is already working on the manuscript for the third.

The young author greeted The express, at his home in Saint-Edmond-de-Grantham. Her big smile showed his good humor. “This is my first time doing an interview,” she says in a cheerful voice, taking her place at the kitchen table.

The young author wrote his manuscript by hand. (Photo: Emmanuelle LeBlond)

Two novels were placed in front of him. These were the books he wrote. The first, entitled the peoples come together, is a brief historical account of the Spanish conquerors of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in America. “I have always loved history. When he was six years old, he was very interested in Christopher Columbus and his adventures. I wanted to do my own version,” he says, adding that his parents helped him transcribe his story. Jacob was involved in all stages of the book’s production, while taking care of the illustrations.

A few years later, Jacob embarked on writing a second novel with a historical flavor. “I read a book that took place in ancient times and it inspired me. Every night, when I had an idea, I wrote it down. He gave a manuscript. I wrote it by hand. When it was finished, I showed it to my parents. We had the idea to write a novel, like my first book”, he explains with shining eyes.

the old trio tells the adventures of Pompeon, Ramhon and Alexander, three children who live in Naples. Your mission? Save Caesar from a plot. The second volume is already being written. “They are the same characters, but with other adventures. The manuscript has been started, but it is not yet finished. I still have a bit of work to do,” he says.

Jacob Vanasse produces his own illustrations. (Photo: Emmanuelle LeBlond)

Jacob has even produced video clips to delve into the topics he covers in his books. In one of them he presents the historical facts of the Roman era, in relation to the old trio. “I came up with this idea because I had a lot to say and nobody had enough time to listen to me. I decided to sign up,” he says, bursting out laughing.

The young author has already participated in two book sales. Among other things, he was present at the Marché des petitsenterprises in Drummondville on June 4. After the event, he donated $135 to the Center-du-Québec Regional Environmental Council (CRECQ) for tree planting in the region. In the fall, he will have a stand at the Carrefour Art et Délice in Saint-Edmond-de-Grantham.

For the future, Jacob dreams of writing a fantasy-style novel. “I developed a fantasy world with characters with my sister. We did six versions. I’d like to put that on paper.”

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