This hero whose last film broke all records in 2021 comes to streaming with force

After Thor or Captain America, another Marvel superhero sees several of his movies land on Disney+ starting June 17. The opportunity for the many fans of this outstanding member of the Avengers to review some of the most famous films in his franchise.

If the Avengers have teamed up three times to defeat Thanos and the other dark forces that threatened the planet, there is also competition within Marvel’s own superheroes. Who will be more popular among fans? Who will get the most admissions with their movies? For a long time, Iron Man seemed to be in the lead thanks to his age (the first feature film released in 2009 kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and the “genius” of Robert Downey Jr. Then it was Thor who gave him a big hammer blow with his colorful films and the increasingly muscular charisma of Chris Hemsworth. But, since the arrival of Tom Holland in the skin of Spider-Man, it is Spider-Man who stole the show from all other Marvel headliners. Proof is, his latest adventures baptized Spider-Man: No Way Home electrified cinemas last Christmas, becoming the sixth highest grossing in history at the world box office and gathering more than 7.3 million viewers in France.

What Spider-Man movies to watch on Disney +?

While a long version of Spider-Man: No Way Home With a view to being released in theaters next September (in the United States and perhaps in France), Peter Parker has not finished weaving his web. In fact, Disney is announcing that four films from the franchise are coming to its streaming platform very soon. This Friday, June 17, Disney+ will host spider man 2 by Sam Raimi (2004), The amazing Spider Man (2012), The Amazing Spider-Man: A Hero’s Destiny (2014) and spider-man: homecoming (2017). Very good news for Spidey fans who subscribe to Disney+: since the launch of the platform in France in April 2020, they have been deprived of film versions of their favorite superhero due to disputes between Sony and Disney over the rights of the characters. . just cartoon like The last Spiderman Where Spiderman and his amazing friends they were visible until now on the big-eared platform.

Spider-Man No Way Home: where to watch the movie in streaming?

To these four films, could be added soon Spiderman (2001) and spider man 3 (2007), both by Sam Raimi. In its press release, Disney announces that “Other titles from Sony Pictures’ catalog of films and series should arrive on Disney+ France by the end of the year.” Meanwhile, the two works with Tobey Maguire are available on Netflix. To watch on Disney+ spiderman With No Way Home, released in theaters at the end of 2021, we will have to wait until at least mid-2023, according to the rules of the new media chronology.

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