This summer we visit Old Sherbrooke with the Mhist – CULTURE AND EVENTS – Featured –

The city of Sherbrooke is rich in history, this summer it will be possible to remember the history of our region or learn more about what has shaped the city.

The Mhist-Musée d’histoire de Sherbrooke is launching its season of Discovery Mornings, walks and guided tours in Old Sherbrooke, on Friday and Saturday mornings during the summer period.

“Sherbrooke is rich in history and heritage, these inexpensive guided tours are very popular with visitors and locals alike. Many times we walk through our streets, we observe, we comment and we want to know more. This is possible thanks to Discovery Mornings! announces the general director of the Mhist, David Lacoste.

In fact, for the summer of 2022, the Mhist offers three circuits to discover different facets of local history. Each time, museum guides accompany you and provide historical information about a building, a place, or an area.

Les Belles du Nord: More than a dozen architectural styles are present in the area, discover the heritage houses of the Old North;

From Commercial Street to Wellington Street: From the old Commercial Street (Dufferin), the commercial center has slowly moved south. Come and find out why, as you discover the buildings, businesses and actors that developed Wellington Street North;

In the footsteps of the past: this circuit summarizes the first 150 years of Sherbrooke, your journey begins in Grandes-Fourches, passing through the industrial area of ​​the Magog River, Plateau Marquette, the Frontenac power station before returning through the old judicial sector.

Circuits lasting from 90 to 120 minutes are offered in rotation for the next several weeks. The cost is $8 per person, with a reservation at 819 821-5406 or by email from the Sherbrooke History Museum. For people who want to take guided tours outdoors these mornings, the Mhist offers VIP formulas. Information consult the website of the Sherbrooke History Museum

Health !

The museum also offers exhibitions throughout the year, always with the aim of discovering the history of the city. Until October 23, 2022 the temporary exhibition ¡Salud! at American-Biltrite Hall

Greetings! offers a portrait of the evolution of the alcohol production/sale/consumption triad in Quebec and the Sherbrooke region over the past 150 years.

Memories of Sherbrooke

Permanent exhibition at Salle Andrée-Désilets it is possible to discover the history of Sherbrooke in a different way through the testimonies of those who dreamed it, chose it, lived it and built it.


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