ALÈS Inauguration of the “Passeurs de livres” festival: “let culture flood this territory”

The mayor of Alès, Max Roustan, opened the speeches at the opening of the Passeurs de livres festival. (Photo Corentin Migoule)

The first edition of the “Passeurs de livres” festival was inaugurated this Friday afternoon by local elected officials and organizers. Everyone acclaimed the character. ” ambitious “ of this event sponsored by the novelist Laura Ulonati and destined to raise Alesia’s candidacy to the rank of “French capital of culture” (read again here).

According to Max Roustan, Mayor of Alès, who is often the first to speak as required by protocol, the “Passeurs de livres” festival, the first of its name, is the result of a “a great idea, one more”of his first deputy, Christophe Rivenq. “I’ve been dreaming of this show for several years”confirmed the last named, who has “We decided to make culture one of the strengths of this territory”. And to press: “It is almost a historic day because it completes the promotion of culture that began thirty years ago. »

Taking place this Friday afternoon at the Salle des Etats du Languedoc, in the heart of Alès town hall, in the regrettable absence of academician Jean-Christophe Rufin, president of the festival, the opening ceremony has also given Christophe Rivenq the opportunity to imagine the scope of what would constitute the “first festival” human sciences in France: “The theme ‘strange and foreign’ should make us aware of the richness of the human being, whatever their origin. I would like this message to shine throughout the weekend, because to build tomorrow, we need to enrich each other. »

Let’s receive “rain of books”

In addition, the calendar of this edition organized by the Lerycerp company, commissioned by Alès Agglomeration and the Alès Agglomeration arts and history association (AAAAH), is not neutral. It begins a few days before the official announcement of the cities selected for the grand finale of the competition for the title of “French capital of culture”. “I am sure that this festival will be a motor that will take us to the final and maybe even to victory”the president of the Agglo prophesied.

At the desk, Claude Savy, co-chair of the AAAAH, took the floor. The former journalist, who has spent months conceptualizing the event with historian Henry Mousset, told himself “particularly impressed to open the cover of such a festival”. With “emotion”the department’s “Mr. Culture,” Patrick Malavieille, showed that he had lost none of his sense of metaphor: “At a time when the department is going through meteorological turbulence, let’s expect dancing storms, circus flashes, rains of books. Hopefully culture can flood this territory! »

Before the first godmother of the festival, Laura Ulonati, it is said “Struck by Ambition” of this event that will bring together the great names of literature in various places until Sunday, the regional councilor Aurélie Genolher first invited visitors to be careful: “I am in contact, so I wear the mask to protect us from this “strange stranger” (the virus, editor’s note) that begins to tire us all. Keep an eye out over the weekend. » After this health interlude, the woman who is also the mayor of Massillargues-Attuech invited her usual lyricism: “My daughter has reading problems. But with Vera, a girl from a Ukrainian family recently received in my city, they speak and understand each other very well. They grow mutually. Like the theme of this festival is well chosen. »

Corentin Miguel

Meetings, exhibitions, concerts, theater… The complete program of this first Passeurs de livre festival can be consulted here.

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