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With Audible, download the book of your choice, then listen wherever you want. Outdoors, sitting in a garden, at home, enjoying a smoothie, Audible is with you everywhere. For book lovers, one click gives you access to hundreds of thousands of books for your viewing pleasure. Audible’s offer is:

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The world of books at your fingertips with the Audible offer at €2.95 per month on Amazon

Thanks to Audible, enjoy many podcasts and audiobooks. Always find more books to satisfy your curiosity. Learn or relax with all available audiobooks, you decide. Here you have a selection of the most downloaded audio books of the moment to find on Audible

Audiobook by Delia Owens – Where the Crayfish Sing

In the category of crime novels, thrillers and works of suspense, discover or rediscover in audio format the book entitled Where the Crayfish Sing, by Delia Owens. A moving story, which will transport you to a world where nothing could seem charming from the beginning, however, it will catch you. Discover with delight the story of the girl from the swamps, travel with her to the heart of her loneliness, live the events of this authentic character as if you were there. Did you make the same mistakes? Download this book on Audible to push the boundaries of your understanding.

Mark Manson Audiobook – The Subtle Art of Giving a Fuck

In a world ruled by speed, where everything must be done in record time, like machines, the statistics show an increasing number of burnouts. The family, personal and professional aspect is at the center of this emotional abyss. Into this spiral of hell, Mark Manson’s book entitled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck was born. How about you take a moment for yourself? Listen to this guide in audio format, to find your peace of mind, far from the dictates of society, in a world where only you have the keys, yours. Find this book in the personal development category.

God Save My English Beginner by Paul Taylor and Sarah Donnelly

To finally learn English or develop your language skills, discover the audiobook God Save My English Beginner, a book by Paul Taylor and Sarah Donnelly, available in three volumes. Give yourself a second chance learning in a fun way. It’s time to get back on the right foot with English. This book is available in the education and learning category.

Audiobook by Yuval Noah Harari- Sapiens, a brief history of mankind

Discover the history, learn more or not about the first ancestors who walked the earth of humans. Science and history go hand in hand in this book, which aims to be provocative, insightful, but above all evocative for the human conscience. Make up your mind by downloading the book Sapiens, a brief history of mankind, by Yuval Noah Harari, available in the history section.

Brian Tracy’s goals

Setting goals is good. Getting to them is even better. If you’re used to writing down goals but never achieving them, Brian Tracy’s book called Goals will seem like a no-brainer. This is the guide to have in your stack of audiobooks to listen to. In the business and career category, discover this book written to change many lives. Yours included.

Why choose Audible?

Audible saves you money by giving you access to thousands of books. If you are a bibliophile, you no longer need to blow your budget, because you have access to a whole universe of audiobooks. All possible and unimaginable categories are available to you: literature, novels and fiction, thrillers, personal development, parenting, business and career, health, wellness, education, learning, youth and many other audiobooks to discover. You can also listen to other audio content such as podcasts, to inform yourself, train or simply relax. Audible’s offer is non-binding.

It’s time to save money with Audible. Save up to €42 while enjoying the advantages that Audible offers you. Thousands of books are waiting for you on Audible.

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