William Keo, haute couture reportage – Liberation

The Photography Meetings in Arlesfolders

A demonstration of unchanging generosity, the fashion shows dedicated to autumn-winter 2022-2023 took place this week in Paris. Photographer William Keo, who covered the war in Ukraine for “Libé,” walked behind the scenes, immersing himself in the fabrics, materials and staging.

The photo occupies a place in its own right in Release daily. War reports, fashion photos, historical images, portraits… Echoing the Rencontres d’Arles that opened this week, the site, like the newspaper of July 9, opens its pages to the work of photographers.

Images of current affairs, of everyday life, of art or of great names in the history of photography… Find each week in the “In images” section of the Release the options of the newspaper’s photography service, which favors unique, innovative or surprising writing. And because it has always been a concern of Release, also discover our Images pages in the weekend edition.


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