Pauillac 7th Art Harvest, Day 3

The Harvest of the 7th Art of Pauillac, Day 3: the International Film Festival that offers until July 17, film screenings at 4 euros at the Eden cinema, free outdoor screenings on the city’s docks but also meetings , firms.

outdoor cinema

It was last night on the Pauillac quays: The first free open-air film screening of the Festival with the screening of Our Lady Burnsa film by Jean-Jacques Annaud, recalling the fire disaster at Notre-Dame-De-Paris cathedral in 2019.

outdoor cinema

The public was there! A moment to share with Jean-Jacques Annaud after the film closed the evening.

Soundtrack and other film music

What would Amélie Poulain be without her famous waltz? Can you imagine for a moment once upon a time in the west without the talent of Ennio Morricone? Finally how to feel the force in Star Wars without the music of John Williams?

Film music specialists are present at this festival such as Thibault Cauvin, an exceptional guitarist. This originally Girondin musician is now making a worldwide career! For him, a good soundtrack is:

The one with her own personality and so fair that she looks like a movie actress!

movie music
movie music

Another talented composer and musician specializing in film music and present at the Vendanges du 7ème art: Pablo Pico! With him, we go behind the scenes of the production of an Original Soundtrack… Did you know that the composer sends daily demos to the director of the film he is working on? Of course, to validate it, but also so that the film crew soaks up the atmosphere that the music will finally give.

Thibault Cauvin and Pablo Pico offered the festival audience two Masterclasses that, surely, aroused vocations among their listeners.

Day 4, the program:

From 11 am, at the Eden cinema, you can discover the film Tenor in the presence of its director Claude Zidi Junior. Then it is an Iranian film that will be broadcast at 5 pm as part of the international competition: Leïla et ses frères by Saeed Roustaee. Imagine leaving your hometown and coming back 40 years later… This is the beginning of the movie. Nostalgia Mario Martone signed at 8:30 p.m. Finally, at 10:30 p.m. at the Pauillac quays: The pharaoh, the savage and the princess by Michel Ocelot, an animated film in preview and with the presence of the animation director… A free appointment for young and old!

The complete program of the Harvest of the 7th Art here

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