Will artificial intelligence replace artists?




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A.Le Quéré, J.-M.Lequertier, O.Darmostoupe, S.Auvray, L.Lavieille – France 2

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Artificial intelligence is everywhere in our lives, from phones to the apps we use, but can it help create? Or even replace the artists? Example in the world of music, which uses artificial intelligence and its algorithms.

What if Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony had been imagined by a computer or if the creativity of the Rolling Stones had been reduced to a mathematical formula? The researchers wonder if artificial intelligence will be able to do without the artists and compose music on its own. Within a nearly secret fundamental research lab, engineers don’t write partitions but equations or algorithms.

They work on math to produce sounds. The engineers create a melody on the piano and record it on the machine. They then ask the computer to replace a part and the software composes itself, inspired by the startup site. East artificial intelligence, is very good at music theory but does not necessarily have an ear or at least does not have a notion of taste to then avoid all these proposals. It is the artist who will put his stamp and personalize all these recommendationsCyran believes. Aouameurresearch engineer.

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