5 books to devour during your summer vacation

We take advantage of the beautiful season to sunbathe and immerse ourselves in a reading that will take us on a journey… without moving a hair! The team of Wink offers some new things to put in our bag.

1. the art of tarotby Vanessa D.L.

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There is no better time than summer to develop new talent! Why not learn the basics of the tarot, today considered an ally of those who take care of their health? The alleged witch Vanessa DL, who campaigns for this term to be deconstructed and rethought, offers this guide that explores 78 mysteries and offers multiple avenues of reflection. She may not predict the future… but she will certainly illuminate the present!

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two. Outdatedby Alexandra Gilbert

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Abandoned by an absent father, Marie broke with her Beauce origins long ago. The death of her father forces her to decide the fate of old furniture and antiques, and the material and immaterial weight of these objects reaches her, as does the feeling that she has always existed only hidden among them. . In this second novel, Alexandra Gilbert narrates the journey of her protagonist, as she makes a curious foray into the world of antiquarians, survivors, and consumers of connected objects.

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3. The Black Water series, by Michael McDowell

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Are we out of time to embark on a series of novels that will keep us up all night? It’s now or never to start the series. black water, which had not been translated into French since its publication in 1983 (Psitt! It is to its author Michael McDowell that we owe the story of Beetlejuice!) In a world where Gabriel García Márquez meets Stephen King, this saga opens with a devastating flood. in a small town in Alabama. The inhabitants will meet Elinor Dammert, a mysterious woman who hides a dark secret…

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Four. who loves me saves meby Alexandre Dostie

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In this second collection of poems, Alexandre Dostie introduces us to a narrator whose behavior is often questionable, who expresses his feelings crudely and does not try to hide the less glorious moments of his existence. His collection immerses the reader in the whirlwind, in the “jolts of (his) slow drowning of him” of him. It may seem a bit heavy for a poolside read, but Dostie reminds us that “drowning is sometimes just a necessary immersion into oneself,” and that’s really beautiful.

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5. behind my chairby Edith Cochrane and Isabelle Brouillette

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What could be going on behind that old green chair? A forgotten grain of popcorn, a late ant, a lonely sock, are some of the endearing characters that Edith Cochrane puts on stage, and that her lifelong friend, Isabelle Brouillette, illustrates with the touch of creative madness her. Knowing that children never tire of their favorite books (we read them… 200 times, at least?), we have in our hands this cute and mischievous album that will delight young and old.

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