Bastid’art festival leaves Miramont and moves to Pellegrue

“Relations have deteriorated with the municipality and all public authorities, regrets Stéphanie Jousseins, sister of the director and employee of the organizing association. We had to give up the 2021 edition because the organization had not considered it safe enough. All the worse for this moment, the association is recovering and planning for 2022. But it finds again the opposition of the municipality. So, after many twists and turns, Thierry Jousseins and his team definitely changed course: direction Pellegrue.

“Bastid’art can make us shine. Some will learn how to put Pellegrue on the map »

“Years and years had passed since José Bluteau, the mayor of the town, told me that he absolutely wanted us to go, laughs Thierry Jousseins. I thought it was a good time to try it. In April, the director of the festival calls the councilman and informs him of his proposal. “I was in heaven, smiles José Bluteau. Bastid’art can make us shine. Some will learn how to put Pellegrue on the map. »

José Bluteau has been waiting years for Bastid’art to come to Pellegrue.


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New associates get to work. The deadline is tight, they only have five months left. “Our artistic program was already established, contextualizes Thierry Jousseins. We had to think about how we were going to animate the town. The town has a notable advantage: it is also a bastide.

Thierry Jousseins surveys Pellegrue and identifies several possibly suitable locations. He is particularly interested in a barn, located in the front yard in front of the church. “Thierry called me and asked who he belonged to,” recalls José Bluteau. His owner was right next to me. »

“We rediscovered the support of a community”

Stéphanie normally uses it to organize a warehouse during the month of June. “When I found out that my barn was likely to house some Bastid’art, I immediately agreed. It’s great”, she enthuses her. One thing led to another, the festival took shape, with 11 “game parks” distributed throughout the town. “We have rediscovered the support of a community”, Thierry Jousseins is moved.

This year, there are no big headliners on the horizon. The association, accustomed to receiving financial aid from the municipality of Miramont, is self-financing this edition. “Artists come because they love us, not because they’re going to get a big check,” observes the strong man of Bastid’art. On the program of this new edition: the Brazilian clown Marta Paiva, the poetic rock of the Tubard brothers and the Occitan punks of Goula Mas’k. “A good dose of eclecticism. The festivities will continue on August 13 and 14 in Bourgougnague.

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