MUSIC. Eia Kassav concert: tribute to Jacob Desvarieux

Relive the tribute to Jacob Desvarieux, co-founder of the group Kassav’, who passed away a year ago, on July 30, 2021. A key figure in Caribbean music, this exceptional guitarist, singer and composer is at the origin of the zouk creation. From Africa to the Atlantic, from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, Jacob Desvarieux’s voice continues to resonate across borders.

Kassav’ concert in Martinique in 2019

©K Sivatte

Hey, it is a cry from the heart to celebrate, thank and honor the memory of our heroes. From the West Indies to the greatest nations, Kassav’ has made Creole culture shine. We have all grown, matured and evolved to the rhythm of the zouk. Zouk, a timeless heritage that we must honor and perpetuate for future generations.

Eia Kassav concert - tribute to Jacob Desvarieux

The public during the Eia Kassav concert in homage to Jacob Desvarieux in Martinique


All responded to the call to pay a vibrant tribute to Kassav’. All this animated and motivated by a deep love for each of the members of the legendary group (those who have left us, Jacob Desvarieux and Patrick Saint-Eloi without forgetting theother members: Jocelyne Béroard, Jean-Phillipe Marthély, Jean-Claude Naimro and Georges Décimus).

In the idyllic setting of the Appaloos’Arena in François (Martinique), a show that combines music and “duty of memory” by these musicians and artists who wish to express their gratitude and deep affection.

Eia Kassav concert excerpt in homage to Jacob Desvarieux in Martinique

Artists on stage perform “Zouk-la sé sel medikaman nou ni”


Directed by the great directors: gilles voyeur Y tony huntertwo rhythmic formations composed of the best Caribbean artists, share the Kassav’ repertoire:
Tony Chasseur – Gilles Voyer – Paille – Thierry Lof – Jean-Luc Guanel – Patrice Hulman – Yoan Lorenz – Ronald Tulle – Jean-Louis Morville – Suzy Trebeau – Maurane Voyer – Frédéric Caracas – Jean-Marie Ragald – Eddy Marc – Thierry Marthély – Emile Naroyanin – Ray Ouemba – Thierry Saint-Honoré – Miki Telephe – Ralph Lavital – Samuel Crestor – Brice Bapté – Wilfrid Bedacier – Mika Lordelot – Christian Louiset – Philippe Joseph – Lenny Ragot – Philippe Slominski – Hamid Belhocine – Jean-Philippe Meyniac – Alain Ravaud – Yohann Jean-Alexis – Nona Lawrence – Thomas Raso – Alain Genot – Jean-Jacque Seba – Cindy Marthely – Jessy Bylon – Claudine Pennont – Raymonia Moco – Marie-Celine Chroné.

Achievement Arnaud Legoff
concert production Mizik Moun Matinik, GV production, Appaloosa Star Reception
record production Frederic Tyrode (beautiful as a picture)
Co-production BCI- televisions in France, Martinique on 1weather
Duration 45 minutes2022

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