They’re going to shoot a movie in Quimper!

Caro Jeannes (left) and Virginie Cordier (right) are working on the adaptation of the novel “Passionne et Ment”. ©Lisa FAROU

virginie cordierauthor and expensive jeans, director, cheer up. They come back from a date Municipality of Quimper. The permission to shoot one of the scenes in the city center is on the right track. If all goes well, they should put their camera on the Odet Docks a September 2022.

its average length Passion and lies, is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Virginie Cordier. The plot follows the romance between Alyssa, married and mother of two children, and Gabriel, a young intern.

A self-produced film

Filming is expected to last two months. In addition to Quimper, the team will shoot sequences in the La Tulipe bar in lead and on the beach at Bot-Conan in Fouesnant.

The financing of the project is done through a Kengo kitty. This money will help finance transportation and food costs. The film crew doesn’t get paid: “It’s a volunteer job! »

the the necessary budget is 3000 euros. At the end of July, the kitten was only a third. What happens if the budget is not reached? “The money will be returned to the donors”, replies Caro Jeannes. He prefers not to think about it. A few weeks before the shoot, his thoughts turn to the final preparations: “We are finalizing the props. »

“It’s magical to see your book adapted”

Tony Lumberso, editor-in-chief of Kactus magazine, initiated the project. He had interviewed Virginie Cordier on the occasion of the book’s launch in 2019: “Three days later, he called me to make an adaptation! “, explains the author. It was also he who called her friend Caro Jeannes to take charge of the production.

Virginie Cordier is touched to have her story come to life: “It’s magical to see her book adapted. “If I drink make allowances for the transition from paper to screen (for example, giving up dialogue on the phone because it’s too complicated to film), “he hasn’t given up! exclaims Caro Jeannes. The author, strongly involved in the project, insisted that the adaptation be as faithful as possible.

Videos: currently on Actu

melanie guillemot Y paul berrie play the main characters. They were about thirty to pass the castings.

“For some, it is even their first experience in the cinema,” rejoices Caro Jeannes.

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