Books: Babindamana Bizi publishes “Catwalks in the world of work”

Due to the daily difficulties faced by employers, social partners, employees, including labor inspectors, in drafting and understanding certain topics, Lazare Babindamana Bizi offered, through opinions, contributions of solutions, letters and reflections exposed in this book, to make your modest contribution. It is a response to the various questions that arise in the world of work in the Congo, a didactic tool at the service of students, theoreticians, professionals and practitioners in the field of work. « J’ai écrit cet ouvrage pour compler le vide quiexistent dans notre pays sur les questions liées au travail parce que, jusque-là, il n’y a pas un inspecteur, a magistrat, not even an avocat who s’est penché sur the question “He explained.

In this work, the author also proposed letter templates to show administrators, SAF attachés, how a letter can be written. Lawyer and labor administrator, Lazare Babindamana Bizi is the first Congolese to have written a professional book. “I studied law at INSEJAG, now a law school from the Marien-Ngouabi University in Brazzaville where I obtained a diploma in administrative sciences. Labor Law Practitioner, fourteenth grade administrator, I combined the theoretical notions of the university and the practical notions of what I do every day to write this document”accurate.

Consult current legislation and regulations in case of conflict

In “Bridges in the world of work”, the author also addresses the issue of retirement at age 65 for private law employees. Indeed, in the private sector, he explains, there was already retirement at 65 years for non-categories. However, this retirement at age 65 also poses problems in most local companies.

Lazare Babindamana Bizi also touched on the issue of private schools, in particular the application of labor law in private schools, because this poses a problem. This is why the author recalled in this document the power of an entrepreneur. “There are employees who can insult the company manager or union members who want to compete with the company manager. That is why we have specified that each one has her role in a company », stressed the author. He also mentioned the problem of people calling strikes anyway preventing others from going to work. For the author, they must refer to the legislation and regulations in force in the Republic of the Congo.

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