Rouen. Nina, 23, introduces you to tufting, the art of creating original rugs

Nina, 23, makes original and unique rugs in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). (©Tufto_studio)

At only 23 years old, nina felipe brimming with creative ideas. The agenda of this young woman is divided into three main activities: her studies in the Fine Arts of Rouen, home hairdressing and making unique and original rugs. “These activities complement each other, they correspond to me”, insists the Rouennaise who defines herself as a “visual artist”.

It was during the first lockdown that Nina and her boyfriend discovered rug making. “There was an urge to do things together, to get together physically as we spent our days in front of our screens, at home. We have seen this fashion in the United States, the strands [ndlr, tuftage ou touffetage en français]. We thought we were going to do this at home. »

first trial and error

Like many people who want to start a manual activity, the couple starts by watching tutorials on the Internet. “We were really, really motivated to do this together,” Nina stresses. We did a lot of tests with different materials. Lots of failures too. At first it was just mimicry. »

The two creators first equip themselves with a needle Punch, a needle that allows you to do stitch embroidery, before buying a tufted gun (or tufting machine), a device dedicated to the creation of rugs and that allows to be much more efficient. “It makes a lot of noise, so we had to buy noise-canceling headphones,” says the young woman with a smile.

Nina's creations
Nina’s creations (©Tufto_studio)

The first customers, friends or family, encourage them. So, the first transactions with strangers fall. “We did some sales in the south of France and also abroad,” explains Nina. It all happens on Tufto_Studio’s Instagram page or on Depop, a person-to-person sales site. Nina also does some sales in emerging markets.

Bold colors in the spotlight

At first there were two. Then her boyfriend, from a marketing course, finally decided to abandon the carpet adventure to refocus on his field. “I no longer necessarily saw the return on investment. It still helps me a bit, but now I manage on my own: creating, selling, sending orders, communicating, etc. In the end, it leaves me a little more free in my creations”, explains Nina.

His visual identity is bold colors: “I’m for a celebration of color! This is how we find neon and bright colors in most of his creations.

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Nina decorates mirrors and other objects of all kinds.
Nina decorates mirrors and other objects of all kinds. (©Tufto_studio)

Rugs, do you want some here?

During the week, between hairdressing and fine arts classes, Nina always tries to make time to strands The young woman also likes to draw from her other activities to inspire her creations. “One day, I took a photograph of a person, combed my hair, and made a rug from the photograph. »

Nina’s rugs are not the ones we are used to seeing. She integrates mirrors, draws original and abstract patterns, makes supports of very different sizes. She will have small ones to decorate a table, a piece of furniture or even a piece of clothing, but also larger ones for the floor, walls, etc.

I have already spent over 40 hours on a carpet. It can be very long.

nina felipe

“I make rugs, but it’s a little more than that. The idea is to give the rugs a different life by integrating them into many objects, making decorative objects”, concludes the designer.

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