Tonight on TV: The best movie directed by Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood at the top of his game. His film, “Gran Torino”, is broadcast this August 14 on TF1, in the channel’s famous “Cinema Sunday” box. Released in France in February 2009, four years after the last appearance on the big screen in “Million Dollar Baby” (2004), this monument to the seventh art has been crowned with success in dark rooms.

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An inflexible man, bitter and full of old-fashioned prejudices.

“Gran Torino” tells the story of Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood). After years of working on the assembly line, this former Korean War veteran, an unyielding and embittered man steeped in outdated prejudices, lives a self-withdrawal, spending his days gambling, lounging and drinking beer. Other than his dog Daisy, he only trusts his M-1, always clean, always ready to go…

Your old neighbors have moved away or are long dead. His neighborhood is now populated by Asian immigrants whom he despises, and Walt focuses on his myriad hatreds: against his neighbors, Hmong teenagers, Latinos, and African Americans.who think they make the law“, of his own children, who have become strangers to him.

Walt kills time as best he can, waiting for the big game, until the day a Hmong teenager from the neighborhood tries to steal his precious Ford Gran Torino… When the young and shy Thao tries to steal it under pressure from a gang, Walt faces the gang and, in spite of himself, becomes the hero of the district.

A critical and public success

Crowned with the César for best foreign film in 2010, the feature film had attracted, in France alone, more than 3.41 million viewers. At the US box office, the film grossed $146.2 million between December 12, 2008 and April 6, 2009. And as soon as it was released, it won over viewers, as evidenced by the excellent rating given by the audience in “Allociné”*, with 4.5 stars out of 5 from 4,042 votes.

The press is just as dithyrambic. “Charlie Hebdo” paid tribute to the director at the time. “Eastwood demonstrates formal audacity and incredible freedom of tone, moving from tragedy (…) to comedy (…) with equal elegance (…) ‘Gran Torino’ is simply a miracle“, wrote the satirical newspaper. The writing of “Télérama”, also conquered, greeted “the touching care with which Eastwood polishes his statue, his legacy“.

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