TO THE MOVIES. “Nope”, a film that navigates between westerns, UFOs and bizarre phenomena

DO (Daniel Kaluuya) and Esmeralda (Keke Palmer). (© Universal Studios)

In this lost ranch in the middle of nowhere, a father and his two sons raise horses for the movies. Business is not going well as digital effects invade productions. Little by little, they have to sell their animals cheaply to a nearby circus.

beaten to death

But now, and this is the first scene, the father is killed by an object, or at least a shower of metal objects falling from the sky. A plane ? Can be. Strange phenomena seem to occur in this area, including frequent and unexplained power outages, television signals, and the Internet. OJ and his sister Emerald will quickly notice the presence of a cloud in the sky that is not actually moving. Behind the latter sails a dark mass. A spaceship resembling a flying saucer!

A hunt for flying saucers

Stronger than fear, an obsession will then seize them: film it and sell the most expensive scoop possible. His is the fortune and the glory. But for that you need the help of image professionals. Therefore, they will mobilize a video technician, Ángel (great and hilarious Brandon Perea) who will be joined by a documentary cameraman, Antlers (incredible Michael Wincott). Everything is ready, the race for glory and dollars is on. But the UFO in question seems to have other pretensions, and in particular… to feed!

terror and fear

We are here far from the mythology of “Star Wars”. Jordan Peele puts us in the presence of a stranger from another universe but not necessarily endowed with extraordinary means. And it is this bias that breeds dread and fear, making it ultimately probable.

Oprah Winfrey torn apart

The director of the brilliant ‘Get Out’ (2017) here signs a film in which he salutes Hollywood’s second shooters, those artists whose names no one reads in the final credits, doubles or otherwise. Quoting her by her name, he rips apart a famous American TV host, Oprah Winfrey, making himself the prime target of OJ and his sister for an excerpt from their story about the little skylight.

Jordan Peele, a committed director

We also know the fight of this director for civil rights in the USA and in particular those related to the black community to which he belongs. So it is not surprising that our two heroes are part of it and that a scene explains (and it is true) that the first cowboy in American cinema was black. All this discreetly distilled into a perfectly mastered film, combining terror, humor and of course suspense with great virtuosity. The special effects are not intrusive but they are particularly creepy.

The headliner of “Get Out”, Daniel Kaluya, an OJ camps in the grip of an internal struggle between money and the safeguarding of his horses. Emerald, more financially determined, is passionately played by Keke Palmer.

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Watch out for the young…

Deliciously long, this film is further proof of the undeniable and original talent of this director. Attention to the young public anyway…

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Director: Jordan Peele.
With: Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer…
Genre: horror, science fiction
Duration: 2h10

Jordan Peele: imitating Barack Obama….

Long plagued by his biracial roots (white mother, black father), this young New Yorker had trouble settling down. However, it is by posing as President Obama on television that he will find some popularity.
From very brief appearances to true supporting roles in feature films, Jordan will take the step of directing. She is 38 years old, she will be for the brilliant “Get Out” in 2017.
Bingo! Oscar for best original screenplay in 2018! If he does little, we owe him “We” in 2019, moviegoers know how much he is a director to follow regularly. The test, the film under the heading!

Robert Penavayre

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