A “joual” character in France’s French version of the movie Rush Hour 3 is super awkward

Do you remember the movie series? rush houror if you prefer, Term in Quebec?

In this series of three films directed by Brett Ratner between 1998 and 2007, actors Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker play an unlikely police duo.

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Chan is Asian and Tucker is African American, so this situation serves as the pretext for many jokes about their cultural differences throughout the three films.

It is in this context that a particularly unthinkable scene in 2022 caught our attention.

In the original English version of rush hour 3Taking place partly in Paris, cops Lee and Carter (played by Chan and Tucker) are after evil Chinese assassins.

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But since the story takes place in France, the bandits speak French. Therefore, Lee and Carter call in a nun, who acts as a translator when they question one of them.

In the original version, it looks like this:

If you’ve seen the French version dubbed in Quebec, you probably know that those responsible for this version had to adapt it.

Indeed, if the two policemen speak French, the offender must speak another language to justify the intervention of the nun.

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Thus, the thug speaks verlan, a French slang that can sometimes be difficult for more international French speakers to understand.

But at least, in Quebec, we had the delicacy, in 2007, to avoid words with racist connotations that we all know even if we no longer say them.

He gave this:

However, our French cousins ​​did not have this diligent attention to blacks and Asians.

And the problem is that they replaced the French of the original version with the good old “joual” from Quebec.

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So we get some mind-blowing dialogue between a Chinese-Quebecan killer hurling racist slurs at a French-American black cop… who also doesn’t get out of his way!

Then many not very 2022 words are pronounced, beginning with many letters of the alphabet.

Here it is:


The world has changed in 15 years!

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