Music: “Katana”, the new single signed by Nasr Mégri

“Katana” is the title that songwriter and singer Nasr Mégri chose for his new song with rapper Uzishettan. A title as a message. Indeed, through this Japanese sword, a symbol of the Samurai universe, Nasr hears loud and clear that he too is a warrior in the field of creativity.

Written and composed by Nasr Mégri, “Katana”, whose rap part was performed by the young rapper Uzishettan, is also a way for the singer to breathe new life into his repertoire. A rare but promising experience since it is an intergenerational dialogue through music. Objective: to put his music at the crossroads of other musical universes. This time he chose rap as a universe to dialogue with his bewitching music, inherited from his late father Hassan Mégri, founder of the mythical Mégri Brothers, to which he added his personal artistic touch giving it a new flow.

But this song is ultimately just a pretext for Nasr Mégri to find himself on stage, his favorite playground. Because he definitely is a true beast of the stage. He witnesses one in various Moroccan cities through private concerts, but especially the great festivals of the Kingdom. These include the Mawazine Festival, Rhythms of the World, Sacred Music of Fez, Timitar of Agadir, Rai of Oujda, International Festival of Arts and Culture “Summer of the Oudayas” and Ouarzazate, among others. In all his tours he reveals the best hits from his albums accompanied by a generous and careful staging. In short, his songs are outlined as an impressive series of drawer titles. Efficient, clean and sharp.

On his albums, Nasr Mégri tackles all facets of the genre with amazing ease and, above all, with a real personality. Anything goes, and the effective melodies of this challenger to Arabic world music quickly register in our heads. It’s simple: even to the most demanding ears, his music is disconcerting. On this format of titles, however short they may be, Nasr stacks the ideas and especially the changes of rhythm. Deeply original in his creations, accentuated groove and magnified vocals, Nasr Mégri demonstrates an artistic quality that is both authentic and generous. A quality that he first inherited from his father Hassan Mégri, a founding member of the mythical group the Mégri Brothers.

That is what works Nasr’s magic, a good artistic complementarity.
Currently on the path of success and consecration, Nasr Mégri has paved the way for the era of the universal Arabic song, contributing his personal touch at the level of creation and interpretation. The young singer offers through his songs a vectorial fusion of political and social opinions. An impressive series of drawer titles. Despite this success, Nasr remains modest and says that he intends to press on.

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