‘Rogue Jolie’, the comic and erotic book signed by former state official

The book begins with a quote from Alfred de Musset: “Pop pan… Quite a rascal”. Hence the title of the book: “Pretty rascal”. The author? A certain Beaumetz, Louis-François by his first name. This is issue 57 of the Blonde Series, a collection of hastily written novels, presented under an orange cover, with exciting pictures, destined to thrill commuters on the train, hungry night owls, overwrought teenagers. In 1957, two lines were enough – pear-shaped breasts, sharp thighs – to raise the fever in El Pao and El Panpan. But there is, oddly enough, nothing lewd or even annoying about this book. C’est un roman bref et marrant, vif et vert, veritable instantané d’un milieu (le Tout-Paris des arts et des lettres) et d’une époque (les années 1950) qui raconte le dévergondage d’une jolie provinciale de 20 years. She fucks men in single file. She dispenses with leu-leu.

Everything is encrypted, of course. The bar of the first pages, Le Pompadour” is the famous “La Calavados”. Dany, the (charming) heroine finds a job as a model in the newspaper “France-Jeune Fille” (understood: “Jours de France”). Henri-Georges Clauzel, the filmmaker, is Clouzot. It’s up to the reader to guess who Le Bailly is, Undersecretary of State who is both a cuckold and a cuckold. As for “Monsieur Dominique dit Dodo-la-Bille”, emperor of slot machines, we only have one clue:

The sequel after the announcement.

“Franceschi, who was a Corsican like Napoleon first, differed in one essential point from his illustrious predecessor. The Emperor of the French had the habit, since Rivoli and Marengo, of appearing where he was never expected, and of taking his enemies by the back: M. contrary to his friends, being, as we say today happily, in the most closed. , a happy pedal ».

Novel with keys, then? You do not understand anything. It is only the second ray, even the third, that the Americans call “pulp fiction”which we translate (loosely) as: “pulpy fiction”. Really delicious, even.

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“It is not easier to be a great whore than to be a great saint”

Our Dany Malterre, the rogue of the title, “beautiful as an offering made by God to the world” (blonde-eyed, brunette-looking) goes from bed to bed with disarming speed, crumples the sheets after lunch at Fouquet’s, gets around in a De Soto (a 1950s luxury car, 8-cylinder V-5 .9 liters, four headlights, an electric clock), dine at Maxim’s, evolve “between trains, taxis, theaters and the telephone”, amuses himself in the rue Saint-Benoît, frequents the Ruhl de Nice, causes the suicide of a charming boy (“that looked like a Rolls-Royce body”, writes the author, led by the great style), and notes, finally, “It is not easier to be a great whore than to be a great saint”. In short, virgin and pure arrival, our Dany will become teasing and Marie will lay there. It is a moral novel.

More fun to read than Heidegger’s “Prolegomena to the history of the concept of time” or Virginie Despentes’s “Baise-moi”, this “Jolie Friponne” hides, in fact, a masked author. Under the pseudonym Beaumetz, it is Henri Viard, a former Quai d’Orsay official lost in popular literature, who holds the pen. He wrote, in the 1960s, some nice thrillers, always inspired by classic works. “The King of the Mirmidous” (1966)? Inspired by “The Iliad”. “The Misty” (1966)? It’s “Hamlet”. “The Aristotle” (1968)? “Don Quixote”… Screenwriter at times (“Le Bourgeois gentil mec” with Jean Lefebvre, Francis Blanche and Darry Cowl, winning trio), Henri Viard studied in Heidelberg, it is said. It was well worth it. Still, random booksellers on the docks, if you see “scoundrel Jolie”, don’t hesitate. Lovers of oranges, quirky books, messy literature and totally forgotten books, this is for you. Anyway, I point out that Afred de Musset never said, he wrote (he didn’t even think) “Pop-Pop”. FF

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pretty rascal, by Beaumetz, Rubio Series 57, Editions of Paris. Around €9 at Abebooks.

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