Powerlifting: a world record for Dylan Faucher

Dylan Faucher set the new world record in the bench press event in the 13-15 year old age category at 181 pounds or less at the World Powerlifting Association World Powerlifting Championships held in Oakville, Connecticut over the weekend. Labor Day week. It was only the second competition for the 15-year-old native of Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine.

Dylan Faucher presents the plaques that highlight his victories. (Courtesy photo)

He managed to lift 265 pounds, shattering American Seth Strickland’s record of 264.6 pounds set on November 9, 2013. In the same competition, Dylan also set two Canadian records. He weighed in at 360 pounds squat, three more than the previous mark. Deadlifting 400 pounds, he lifted a combined 1,025 pounds in the three events, eclipsing the old record of 912 pounds. Thanks to his performance, he was chosen as the best male lifter of the competition among the athletes evaluated for anabolics.

In an interview with Courrier Frontenac, the member of Disraeli’s Polyvalente Gaulois weightlifting team said he was proud of his performance. “I am very happy with what I did. I managed to achieve what I wanted,” he said, citing the support of his family and his coach, André Garon.

For the latter, the performance of the young athlete is “undoubtedly one of the highest sporting achievements of the Disraeli Multipurpose Complex as well as of the region”.


It was while training at school with friends last year that the adventure began for Dylan Faucher. “We were just training for fun, to test ourselves. Andrew [Garon] He came to me and said that it would be good if I competed and that I could break records. That’s really what motivated me. I started and I haven’t stopped since then”, said who is also part of the circus program.

His coach describes him as a natural talent and gifted athlete. “He has a very impressive brute force. With training, he quickly achieved outstanding results. »

The Colerainois claims to have developed a true passion for this sport. He trains at least an hour a day, seven days a week, at school, at Disraeli’s gym or at home. “I love it because it makes me stronger and physical activity is good for everyone. »

Although he describes him as a very disciplined athlete, his coach sometimes has to slow down to keep his balance.

“He is determined and serious. He has confidence in himself, he wants to succeed and he does whatever it takes to get there, argued André Garon. He had shown it during his first competition in May. »

On this occasion, Dylan had recorded three Canadian records in the category of 13 to 15 years with 165 pounds or less.

His next competition will take place in November at Magog. His goal will then be to set the world record in the deadlift and improve on his own record in the bench press. In the long term, he hopes to be able to bench press 405 pounds, continue to break records and compete in as many competitions as possible.


Dylan Faucher’s results are attracting more and more young people to Disraeli’s Polyvalente training room, said André Garon. The coach also wanted to highlight the help that the school offers its athletes like Dylan through its extracurricular budget.

“During the November competition there will be seven or eight youngsters from the Gauls. Tuition for weightlifting is quite high, $185 for Oakville, for example, compared to athletics, where it’s between $25 and $40. The school also offers transportation and lodging support if needed. The principal sent a nice message through the establishment last week to congratulate Dylan. There is a lot of support from everyone”, concluded André Garon.

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