How much is the number 1 movie on Netflix worth?

This Friday, September 16, Netflix presented its latest film: if you come to me. With Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke as headliners, this new production has something to attract many curious. So much so that in just one weekend of broadcast, if you come to me has risen to the top of the ranking of the most watched movies on Netflix. But does this enthusiasm mean that the film is worth it? Really a deviation? Isn’t this just another teen movie that’s going to be forgotten in a few weeks? We scramble to follow this teen duo out for revenge and we’re in for a surprise.

Revenge is a dish best served cold…

As its title suggests, if you come to me It is a story of revenge. Drea Torres is the queen of the very chic and posh Rosehill High School… Until the day her boyfriend reveals her sex tape. Fallen and humiliated, this it’s a girl he only asks for revenge, but in order to keep his scholarship and the hope of getting into Yale, he must keep a low profile. When she meets Eleanor, who also wants revenge on the one who killed her discovered and told everyone that she had wanted to forcefully kiss him a few years ago, the mismatched duo will seek some serious revenge.

If everything opposes them, the two young women find common ground in their desire to destroy their respective executioners. Eleanor will take down Max, Drea’s ultra-popular ex-boyfriend, while Drea will attack the one who made her new friend look like a predator. Yes, hate unites people.

teen movie compels, if you come to me it ticks the boxes for some clichés, but the film knows what it’s doing very well. more than one nth teen movieIt is a beautiful tribute to the classics of the genre that the 90/2000 gave us as lolita in spite of me either clueless. We thus find the school as a theater of all possibilities with the different cliques that reign there. All this, reviewed in salsa 2022: Instagram witches, vegan sores in Birk, budding actors and, of course, the top of the royal basket. In short, it represents our current society well with the main antagonist being none other than a cis man who wants to wake up. We also have the right to the famous change of image of one of the protagonists to “fit the standards”. Modernized classic, the secret of a good teen movie.


Drea and Eleanor’s friendship is surprising but works well. It is in particular thanks to the chemistry between Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke that it bursts the screen. Furthermore, we appreciate the fact that if you come to me it goes against what we currently find where the two female leads display a malevolent rivalry. Despite a plethora of clichés (as calculated as they are), the film pulls off some stunts that we clearly didn’t see coming. In the trailer, Maya Hawke’s character declares that teenage girls are true psychopaths. A point that the film demonstrates well and truly. Funny, fresh and cynical, that’s how it is described if you come to me.

In addition, the film deals with highly topical issues such as the revenge porn or bullying, and the effects they can have on their victims. Finally, we highlight an inclusive film without exaggeration in the sense that the characters are not defined by their sexuality or skin color.

All the ingredients for a successful revenge

To set the mood, director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (who had already entertained us with someone good in 2019) surrounds himself with the best. More precisely, it brought together the biggest “stars” of the teen series of the moment. What gives the impression to see a funny Cross.

Thus, we find Camila Mendes who embodies Veronica Lodge in Riverdale and Maya Hawke, better known as Robin Buckley in Strange things headlining Austin Abrams, who we recently saw on Euphoria, embodies the false awakening of Max that we loved to hate and that made us want to slap him. Fans will also have recognized Alisha Boe (13 reasons why), Jonathon Davis (external banks), Maia Reficco (Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin), Rish Shah (Ms. Marvel). Sophia Turner (game of Thrones) even makes a brief appearance (extremely funny, by the way), as does the excellent Sarah Michelle Gellar (buffy the vampire slayer) who is impeccable in her role as director.

Visually, the aesthetics of if you come to me It’s impeccable. It’s colorful, it’s chewing gum, it’s clean. In short, it is pleasant for our eyes. As for the ears, they are not left out. This brand new Netflix movie is graced with a phenomenal soundtrack for a teen movie. Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, ROSALÍA or even Phoebe Bridgers are on the show. We couldn’t have asked for better.

Excerpt from If you come to me (Do Revenge) on Netflix


Verdict: a big yes to If you come to me

if you come to me is a good teen movie how we love them and how we no longer do them. Both funny and fresh, the film stands out and surprises us. Without saying much, this feature film goes a little further than we imagined. It takes a turn that we did not suspect. There is even a good chance that this movie will become a classic of the genre. In addition to an interesting plot, the casting, the soundtrack and the aesthetics come to sublimate this new production signed by Netflix. If certain aspects of the scenario could have been deepened, we recovered pretty quickly.

I do not hide from you that I launched the film more out of curiosity than out of true interest. I was hoping for a teen movie that doesn’t fly too high. Something you look at out of the corner of your eye on a Sunday night and forget just as quickly. Nevertheless, if you come to me It turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Without being the movie of the year, let’s not exaggerate, the number 1 show on Netflix right now really deserves a detour. It is not surprising, then, that in a single weekend it rose to the top of the podium of the most viewed films on the platform.

if you come to me

Take revenge Poster

We love

  • an amazing plot
  • Beautiful people at the casting.
  • An effective soundtrack
  • visually pleasing

we love less

  • We stayed in a “teen movie”
  • Some elements that would have deserved more attention

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