Original Artworks from Asia – Discover ArtWeast’s Online Gallery

Celine B, CFO of a large French industrial group, is also the founder of the new online art gallery ArtWeast. Its goal is to connect artists from all over the world with non-professional art lovers. This is a message that is close to her heart and that can be found in the values ​​of the site: ArWeast wants above all to convey emotions and well-being. Here we do not buy to invest, but to have fun!

This interview was granted to us from France where he lives after a few years of residence in Japan.

What does “ArtWeast” mean?

It is an “abbreviation” of ART WEST and EAST, with the idea of ​​associating the sensibility of Western and Eastern cultures.

How did the idea of ​​the online gallery come about?

ArtWeast was born in Japan, during the Covid and thanks to an encounter with a wonderful person from the art world: Beatrix. This long period of confinement has allowed us to establish a deep and constructive exchange on art.

I started buying paintings from him and quickly realized that, like other Japanese artists, he had difficulty selling his work. However, I told myself: if I like what he does, other people must like it too. Sometimes artists just need more visibility. Thus came the idea and the desire to create a gallery on the Internet.

Beatrix Fife in her study

Who is the gallery for?

To all ! I think in particular of those who, like me, did not dare to enter an art gallery thinking that choosing a painting requires mastery of the codes of the artistic world. I would like you to DARE to go to ArtWeast and have fun acquiring a unique piece of art that brings you a lot of warmth and peace.

What was your relationship with art before the lockdown and your encounter with Beatrix?

I went to museums, but not really galleries. I had bought very few original works in my life, thinking that I did not have enough knowledge of this medium. I realized that it is not at all a question of knowledge, but of sensitivity. Beatrix gave me confidence in myself. I know what I like and what I don’t like, what touches me and what doesn’t touch me at all.

How do you choose the artists presented by the gallery?

I wish to represent painters who offer unique works, rather abstract art, little known in Europe and mainly from Asia and Africa.

ArtWeast Online Contemporary Art Gallery
Imperfect world of the artist Hisae

Do you plan “physical” events with the artists?

For me it is very important to have contact with the artists. However, one may think that it is difficult to buy from an online gallery. That is why site visitors will be able (through the site) to get in touch with English or French speaking artists and communicate with them through messages. Some artists also put words on their works, the descriptions of each painting were written by the artists themselves, it’s very interesting.

Physical meetings will be more difficult, because the artists are far from Europe, but we will organize events online.

What are the next steps for ArtWeast?

Above all, we must make ourselves known, this is step number 1. I have created a very dynamic and motivated French-Japanese team, 50% of the team is in Japan and 50% in France. This mixture of experiences, generations and culture is very rich.

I also want to integrate other artists, especially African artists that I will try to meet soon.

Thanks to Celine for this interview and for this promising online art gallery! To discover the work of Beatrix or Hisae, visit the ArtWeast website or the gallery’s Instagram account.

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